Storage Bags to Use with Your Mobility Scooter

Storage Bags to Use with Your Mobility Scooter


If you’re looking for a mobility scooter bag then one of these may just be perfect for you as we look at bags that can be fitted on armrests, ones that slide over the back or others that need to be fitted. All of these are compatible with our Betty & Bertie range too!

Lupin Rear Bag

The Lupin Rear Bag from Betty and Bertie has been specifically designed as a secure and reliable weather proof carry solution for our Lupin Scooter. 

It is made from high quality weatherproof nylon measuring 29cm Wide x 19cm Deep x 28cm Tall.

The Lupin Rear Bag has a Velcro tab on its top flap to allow you to keep all your personal effects or shopping secure whilst on the move.

If you order your Lupin Rear Bag when you order your scooter we can even install it for you before we ship it.

Check out our Lupin Mobility Scooter here

Check out this Lupin Rear Bag here

New Drive Medical Back Pack 

Drop Over bag which slides over the rounded seat (without headrests) of many popular mini and small sized scooters to provide a secure fit. 

It’s easy to use, strong and durable with a zip fastening with carry handles for easy transportation

The compartments provide you with ample room for shopping

Available in Black - Dimensions: 16" (W) x 14" (H) x 3" (D)

This bag is most compatible with our Zinnia model 

Check out our Zinnia Mobility Scooter here

Check out this Drive Medical Bag here

Wheelchair Bag with Pockets

 4 Pocket Design - comes with a large zipped compartment as well as 3 open pockets to fits lots of common small items, paper towel, pill box , water bottle, phone, etc

Keep Items Within Arms Reach - This wheelchair pocket hangs perfectly on the rail of hospital bed or wheelchair armrest so you can keep all your things organized and not have them falling on the floor which is great convenience for elderly, disabled

Reflective Strip - A reflective band on the back of the universal wheelchair bag to increase visibility at night and enhance security

These bags are most compatible with our Zinnia model as you can attach the bag to the armrests

Check out our Zinnia Mobility Scooter here

Check out this Wheelchair Bag here

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