Mobility Scooter Driving Tips for Outdoors and Inside

Mobility Scooter Driving Tips for Outdoors and Inside


We’ve put together a mobility scooter driving guide for situations both indoors and out to ensure your safety remains the top priority when driving your mobility scooter


When driving your mobility scooter inside it is important to think about space, access and others. 


When driving indoors, you need to ensure there is enough space to get by. If you’re popping into a cafe for a coffee with a friend, is there enough room between tables for your mobility scooter to get through? Remember to take things slow when driving indoors to maintain safety for you and those around you


It is most likely that when you’re driving indoors you’ll be in a shopping centre or supermarket which within the UK will always have disability access. However it is important to do your research beforehand so you do not waste a trip to find out there is no ramp or lift to help get you into the building or onto the different levels. 


Remember that you’re not alone! There will always be other people around you like children who may not notice your mobility scooter. It is always best to set a low speed and drive around people with enough room to get by rather than close to them. They may step back and crash into you which may not be their fault


Driving your mobility scooter will almost always be outside as you need to get from A to B. The mobility scooter driving habits for outdoor use isn’t much different to driving indoors.


Within the UK, it is law that pedestrians have right of way which is something to be considered if you have a road legal mobility scooter and are driving on the road. You must give way to pedestrians at all times. Remember who may be out like children playing outdoors and they could accidentally run into you.


Set a speed that is legal. On pavements you are required to travel no more than 4mph in the UK, and remember you share a pavement. It is not compulsory for others to move out of your way so do not get frustrated with those who do not move. 


Roads and pavements are not always in the best condition so you may hit a few bumps or go up small curbs which can wear down the mobility scooter over time so ensure you are being sensible and take good maintenance of your mobility scooter.

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