Aster - The Auto Folding Mobility Scooter

Aster is one of the UK’s most convenient and lightweight automatic folding mobility scooters that unfolds itself at the click of a button! Weighing only 26kg, it is compact enough to fit snugly in the boot of a car meaning you can take it anywhere!

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Lupin - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter

Weighing only 23kg, Lupin is one of the UK’s most convenient and lightweight folding mobility scooters – simply pull the handle and lift the seat to watch it unfold to a comfortable and simple-to-use solution to all your mobility scooter needs!

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Zinnia - The Auto Folding Mobility Scooter

Zinnia is the automatic folding mobility scooter that unfolds at the click of a button! It boasts a comfortable folding seat with optional armrests and a telescopic steering column with an adjustable height and angle, so you can get around in comfort and style!

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My first thought about my scoter was definitely how attractive it is! The red really stood out to me and I almost feel a little younger too! It's so easy to use and now my hands don't strain after long use. I even took my scoter which I have named Jill down to the coast on the weekend and me and my husband were able to go for a longer walk then usual thanks to Jill.


When I first saw the scooter I loved the way it unfolded with a click of a button and it now makes my life so much easier especially when I go to the garden centre with my daughter. Even when I take it down the road to the shops I sometimes get asked about it and I feel like a celebrity now down in town! I will definitely be spreading the word around.


There are no ends to where you can go with this scooter, it is very smart and compact meaning I can leave it in the boot of my car ready to go. I think the controls are very simple to use and the automatic folding is amazing!"


I love the colour of the black and orange combination, the brightness of them is very attractive. I think the opening with the touch of a button is brilliant and the controls are very efficient which helps my arthritis.

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About Us

Here at Betty&Bertie we have been selling award-winning mobility scooters for years.

Betty&Bertie was started when we asked ourselves a simple question…. What do we all need to maintain our freedom, independence and mobility and how can we provide that solution to others in a trustworthy and professional way? What do we all need to maintain our freedom, independence and mobility and how can we provide that?

After successful ventures working on other folding mobility scooters, we have taken the best aspects from a wide range of scooters to create a range of ‘best-of-breed’ quality vehicles for everyone to enjoy. We’ve built up the experience, we’ve done the research and we’ve chosen and created the best products. We’ve done the hard work for you!

Run from our HQ in Surrey, we offer full UK based customer service teams, technical engineering support, and in-house warehousing and distribution, ensuring ease and assistance at the heart of every customer's experience - especially you!