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I love the colour of the black and orange combination, the brightness of them is very attractive. I think the opening with the touch of a button is brilliant and the controls are very efficient which helps my arthritis.

Pog and Jim

The adjustable footrest is great for me and my long legs and it was surprisingly very stable for a 3-wheeled scooter


There are no ends to where you can go with this scooter, it is very smart and compact meaning I can leave it in the boot of my car ready to go. I think the controls are very simple to use and the automatic folding is amazing!

Carol and Buster

The website has all the insurance and warranty polices on it. Videos of owners and staff demonstrating the scooters. Zoom calls where I was able to Show Aran the step and tight corners into my front room Ask all the questions I needed to ask Take the time I needed to understand how my scooter would work. Being made to feel important and valuable. Aran took the time to understand me and my situation rather than pushing a sale on me. Phone accessibility. Thank you so very much, Betsy rocks!

Rose Jay

When I first saw the scooter I loved the way it unfolded with a click of a button and it now makes my life so much easier especially when I go to the garden centre with my daughter. Even when I take it down the road to the shops I sometimes get asked about it and I feel like a celebrity now down in town! I will definitely be spreading the word around.


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