Introducing Lupin - Easy Folding & Ultra Lightweight!

Introducing Lupin - Easy Folding & Ultra Lightweight!


We would like to introduce Lupin, an ultra lightweight, three wheel, easy folding travel mobility scooter. Weighing only 23kg, it's perfect for getting out and about, and can even be taken on aeroplanes too (as long as used with the air safe battery).

Simply pull a handle and lift the seat, and watch it unfold from being compact and transportable, to a comfortable and simple-to-use solution to all your portable mobility scooter needs! 

What Makes Lupin Unique? 

Lupin doesn't look like your average mobility scooter. With it's bold colours and three wheels, our customers love it for its different style. 

It's 8 inch, air filled tyres enable Lupin to tackle tougher terrain such as gravel and grass, whilst providing a smoother ride for the driver. 

And what impresses our customers the most is Lupin's range. Lupin can travel up to 21 miles on a single charge, so you'll never need to worry about running out of charge! 

At the end of the day simply remove the batteries and plug them in to the charger overnight, and within 12 hours your Lupin will be fully charged again and ready to go. 

Don't just take our word for it. Here is what some of our happy customers had to say about Lupin:

"I am thrilled with my Lupin, and very impressed with the service, the speed in answering questions and delivering within24 hrs was exceptional. I feel I have my life back now I can get out and about, and look forward to the days ahead " - Edd Wakefield. 

"We have been looking for a multipurpose scooter for some time & are delighted to have found the LUPIN...We now have a scooter that can be used on varying surfaces,with 3 power modes,excellent brakes, comfortable seating,luggage storage & best of all, large 10" wheels. The best scooter we have seen" - Norman Deering. 

"I am pleased with my Lupin, which I use on buses and trains. I use my Sterling Sapphire for local use as I live in West Yorkshire and we have lots of hills. The Lupin is much easier to put in my V W Golf hatchback. It's a completely different technique riding the Lupin but very enjoyable" - Terry Gosling. 

To find out more, head to Lupin's product page HERE

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