Taking Mobility Scooters on Public Transport

Taking Mobility Scooters on Public Transport


Want to get out and about independently? We have you covered. Our easy folding travel mobility scooters are ideal for all forms of public transport, whether you want to travel by bus, train, taxi or coach. Lightweight and compact, our scooters can be quickly folded and transported with you wherever you go. 


Most train stations now have ramps or lifts to get you to the platform your train departs from, meaning in most cases you’ll be able to drive your scooter right up to the train. You’ll need to speak to a staff member to get a ramp or to ask them to help lift the scooter on board, but once the scooter is folded it’s easy to move. We recommend informing your trainline in advance of any special requirements so that they are prepared. 


The common rule to travel on a bus with a mobility scooter is that it should be no more than 600mm wide and 1000mm long. As all of our scooters fold smaller than this, they are safe for bus trips. The scooter and the rider must also not exceed the maximum weight of the ramp, which is usually 300kg. 

Most bus companies with allow you to drive your scooter onto the bus if the turning circle is 1200 mm / 120 cm or less. Our Lupin model has a turning circle of 1200 mm, which makes it ideal for bus journeys. Or, if you prefer Zinnia, though it has a larger turning circle of 2400 mm / 120 cm, it can easily be folded up and wheeled onto the bus like a suitcase. Hassle free! 

As every provider is different, and information is regularly updated, it is always best to check before you travel.


Taking your scooter on a UK holiday has never been easier! Travel scooters fold down like suitcases and can be stored under the coach like any other luggage. We recommend letting your travel provider know to ensure that they have space. 


Getting around has never been easier. For those distances that are too far for your scooter you can take it by taxi with you. Fold the scooter up and let the driver store it like any other luggage. As travel and folding mobility scooters are car boot friendly, you don’t need to worry that it won’t fit. 

Do check with your driver beforehand that there is sufficient space for the scooter to fit, especially where you have lots of other luggage. 

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