Mobility Scooter Accessories

Mobility Scooter Accessories


There are lots of accessories that can be added to mobility scooters, whether they are functional or for personal customisation. 

Our accessory range is still expanding, and though it is currently functionality based we are always adding new products to our website. Take a look at some of the accessories we have available for our scooters: 

Lupin Rear Bag 

The Lupin Rear Bag from Betty and Bertie has been specifically designed as a secure and reliable weather proof carry solution for our Lupin Scooter.

To see our Lupin bag click here.  

Premium Crutch / Stick Holder 

The Betty & Bertie Premium Crutch/Stick Holder is ideal for securing and storing crutches, walking sticks and even umbrellas onto your folding mobility scooter. 

To see and read more about how it works click here.

Collapsible Walking Stick

The iCatchy Collapsible Walking Stick is an easy folding unisex walking stick.

It's made out of aluminium making it incredibly lightweight and offers 5 adjustable height settings ensuring you can set the height that is most comfortable for you.

This collapsible walking stick has a thick rubber end to ensure the best grip for when in use and a safety strap at the top to maximise the comfort this offers.

This can be attached to our crutch holder for easy and secure transport! 

To read more click here.


Universal Waterproof Mobility Cover 

The Betty & Bertie Universal Waterproof Mobility Scooter Cover is a heavy duty and waterproof solution that is ideal for any folding or standard mobility scooter. 

The cover offers stylish and high quality protection, made from durable woven polyester waterproof fabric with an internal silver coating for additional UV protection. It is also dustproof and windproof to ensure your mobility scooter is protected no matter the season! 

It can fit over any mobility scooter folded or unfolded, so whether you are storing the scooter outside or popping into the shops and need to keep the scooter protected, this cover is the perfect solution!  Plus it comes with its very own storage bag too so you can easily store it away in your bag when not needed.

To read more click here

Lupin Tyre Inner Tube 

If you want some peace of mind for travelling with your Lupin Mobility Scooter then why not ensure you have the correct kit for a puncture!

Here we offer 2 high quality 10 inch butyl rubber inner tubes for our Lupin tyres which are twice as thick as standard tubes giving increased penetration resistance, durability and a smoother more comfortable ride.

We also included an angled no leak air valve in each inner tube allowing for increased pressure levels giving better comfort, battery life and longer periods between pump ups.

Our range of accessories is expanding, but there are plenty of accessories to browse on platforms such as Amazon and Ebay, especially if you are looking to customise your scooter. 

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  • robert wilson

    I purchased the Lupin Scooter which I am more than happy with but what happens if I get a puncture could I do this repair myself as there is no service manual supplied with the scooter and no service centre for miles,

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