5 Mobility Scooter Maintenance Tips

5 Mobility Scooter Maintenance Tips 


Follow these 5 maintenance tips to ensure your scooter is always giving its best performance.

  1 Tyres

Don’t forget to check your tyres regularly, especially Pneumatic air filled tyres, such as those on the Betty & Bertie Lupin model.

You should check the tyre pressure regularly, as this can affect the scooter grip, the suspension of the ride, and if your tyre goes flat you could end up stuck. Details on how to care for the specific tyres to your mobility scooter should be found in the manual, but we recommend always carrying spare inner tubes on your travels as well as a puncture repair kit that can reinflate the tyre and seal the puncture. 

Solid PU wheels do not require as much maintenance, but you should always check for any wear and tear that might occur whilst out and about. 


2 Keep Your Scooter Clean! 

It depends how often you use your scooter as to how often you should clean your mobility scooter. If you frequently take the scooter on grassy / muddy terrain, then it is important to keep on top of cleaning it to ensure dirt doesn’t build up. 

All Betty & Bertie scooters can be cleaned easily and with no fuss. A damp cloth will do the job! 


3 Batteries

Mobility scooter batteries aren’t always cheap, and so following these steps will ensure optimal battery health. 

  1. Let the battery run low and then give the scooter a full charge. This is better for battery health than regular short term charging. We recommend to our customers to run the battery down during the day and then charge the battery overnight. 
  2. If you don’t use your scooter frequently you must still charge your battery every so often to prevent it from declining in performance. 
  3. You should only use the charger that was supplied with your scooter. Third-party chargers could damage the battery and the electronics inside which means you risk voiding the warranty if anything is to happen. 
  4. Keep the batteries clean and dry. Do not store in damp environments this can damage the battery. 
  5. During the winter months when it is colder the battery is at risk of dying quicker so you should take extra care with charging it. 

The most important thing you should do is read the user manual in regards to battery care. 


4 Storage 

When your mobility scooter isn’t being used it should be stored in a clean and dry place, away from damp and sheltered from rain. Purchasing a mobility scooter cover can keep it dry and clean during the periods the scooter isn’t being used, or finding a sheltered spot in the house or porch that fits the scooters is crucial. 

Folding scooters make this easier, they can slot behind doors or in small gaps keeping them out of the way whilst they aren’t in use. 


5 Servicing 

The more complex the mobility scooter, the more important servicing it is. 

Our models at Betty & Bertie require minimal servicing, but for peace of mind we still recommend it be checked over at least once a year. Take your scooter to your nearest mobility servicing shop, or to check the tyres you can even take it to your local bike shop. 

Servicing comes with a small cost, but this can avoid a hefty bill for any later repairs if faults arise that could have been avoided if the scooter had been serviced sooner. 

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