The Best Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Access Ramps

The Best Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Access Ramps 


Typically, ramps are often too heavy and awkwardly shaped which makes them difficult to use for people with mobility problems as they need to be carried around and positioned correctly. When positioning ramps there is a lot of bending down and arm movement required and also somewhere to store it too!

You may only need some indoor ramps to go over the threshold of the front door, or you may need a heavy duty ramp to help get your mobility scooter or wheelchair in and out of the car. That’s why our best recommendations are ramps that are lightweight and easy to install and easy to fold up and carry, but still strong enough to carry heavy mobility scooters. 

Quite often there are too many options for choice, so we’ve made it easier for you to choose!

This ramp resembles a cheese grater with raised holes all over its surface. The holes on the flat-plate hole-punched surface provide grip while also massively reducing the total weight of the ramps. This ramp is suitable for mobility scooters and wheelchairs, with a weight bearing capacity of 800lbs (360kg).

Size: The ramp comes in 5 lengths: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet; each is 29.5 inch wide (61, 91, 122, 152, 183cm; 75cm wide)

Cost: Starting from £129.99 with VAT Relief

Provides easy assisted access into vehicles, doorways and other thresholds - Multi purpose design suitable for a range of uses - Textured tread is suitable for most wheelchairs and four wheeled mobility scooters. Lightweight, aluminium design with centre carry handle for easy transport - Quickly folds together for handy storage when not in use. Raised edges prevent wheels from accidentally rolling off ramp - Designed for use on stable, dry and level surfaces - 272kg (600lb) maximum load capacity


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