What To Do If Your Battery Dies

What To Do If Your Battery Dies


Our mobility scooters can go for up to 24 km on a single charge, depending on the model. To get the maximum range from your scooter, you should charge your batteries after every use. It is a good idea to store it by a plug socket so that you can charge it overnight. This way, you’ll avoid the battery dying whilst out on your trip. 

If you aren’t using your scooter frequently, you should charge the scooter occasionally to maximize battery health.  

The range a scooter can travel doesn’t just depend on the battery. The rider's weight, the weather conditions and the road conditions can all affect how far a scooter can travel on a single charge. 

Maximum Range 

Lupin    24 km 

Aster    20 km

Zinnia   20 km

If your scooter does run out of battery, then here’s what you should: 

For our auto folding models, Zinnia and Aster, you will need to disable the electromagnetic brake system by setting the ‘manual mode’ lever to ‘on’. See your product manual for instructions on how to do this. By disabling the electromagnetic brake it will enable you to manually push the scooter whilst it is unfolded. 

If Lupin’s batteries die whilst you are out, you’ll need to turn the scooter off and ensure the handlebar brake lock isn’t applied before you can manually push the scooter. 

As soon as you can, recharge your scooter by removing the batteries and connecting them to a power outlet. For Zinnia and Aster, if you don’t want to remove the batteries you can insert the charger into the port at the back of the scooter.

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