Mobility Scooter Battery Types and Ranges

Mobility Scooter Battery Types and Ranges


Your mobility scooter batteries will last longer if you don’t let them die and keep them constantly charged. If the battery dying is unavoidable, then charge the scooter as soon as possible to maximize battery health. 

We advise charging the scooter when the scooter reaches half of the manual states as the scooters maximum range. This will prevent the battery from dying whilst you are still out on a trip. 

As long as the battery care regime is followed (according to the mobility scooter manual) then the battery should last at least 2 years. 

All batteries our scooter batteries come with a 12 month warranty, subject to the battery care regime being followed.

Lithium Batteries 

Betty & Bertie mobility scooters all use lithium batteries. Here are some of the advantages: 

  • They are lightweight, which makes them perfect for travel friendly mobility scooter models such as our own. 
  • They offer a greater range than other batteries such as Gel and AGM. 
  • They have a long life span which means that they don’t need to be replaced as often as other batteries. 
  • They are designed for intensive use.

These batteries are considerably more expensive than others, but the benefits they offer outweigh the cost. Lithium batteries offer a better range and are ideal for those who will use their scooter daily. 

AGM Batteries

These batteries are suitable for frequent use as opposed to intensive use. They are cheap but don’t offer as much of a range, aren’t as reliable, are heavier and have a significantly lower lifespan. 

Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are suitable for frequent use, have an average lifespan and range, and are more reliable than AGM batteries. However, they are slightly more expensive than AGM batteries, though significantly less than lithium batteries, and are also relatively heavy. 

Lead Crystal Batteries 

These batteries offer a good range, are suitable for intensive use, have a long lifespan and are extremely reliable. The only downfall to this battery when comparing it to lithium batteries is that it isn’t lightweight, and can be just as heavy as Gel and AGM batteries. 

Lead Crystal batteries are suitable if you want to pay less than lithium batteries for a good range, and where having a lightweight and transportable model isn’t a priority. 

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