Taking Your Mobility Scooter To The Beach

Taking Your Mobility Scooter To The Beach


We all love a beach day don’t we? Ice cream, fish and chips, the sun and sand making it all a very fun packed day. If you’re thinking about taking your mobility scooter to the beach then we have got the best tips and advice to make this a seamless trip. 

Firstly you should think about these questions:

What is the surface like? Is it flat or hilly?

Most off-road scooters will be fine on a beach as they have bigger wheels which can go over the sand much easier due to their larger surface area. If the beach is filled with stones then you may not be able to manoeuvre the scooter over them, it is best to look for a flat ramp that can be driven on easily.

Does the beach offer wheelchair accessible facilities like ramps, lifts and toilets?

At most beaches, there are cafes, shops and toilets which offer wheelchair accessible features like ramps and lower level seating, but it is important to check this out. It may also be worth seeing if you can leave your scooter anywhere in case you want to get off and walk a little. 

Does the beach offer wheelchairs to loan for the sand?

Some beaches offer a free use of their wheelchairs that are specifically designed to work on sand beaches as they are slightly more robust and have much bigger wheels. You’ll usually find signs with numbers on to call or huts along the front where you can leave yours and rent theirs out. These are a perfect solution for sandy beaches, however they may be manual wheelchairs and will require an extra person to help push. 

If you do find yourself taking your mobility scooter to the beach then we would love to know how you got on and for any more advice on this to help others would be greatly appreciated.

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