Mobility Scooter Ramps - Which Ones Are Best?

Mobility Scooter Ramps - Which Ones Are Best?


There are many reasons why a ramp might be needed for a mobility scooter, such as to drive up a raised kerb or where there is a step up to a building or house. Getting a ramp that works for you and your mobility scooter can make things move a lot smoother. 

There are a lot of ramps on the market and there is no single product that is best because different scooters work best with different ramps. 

The following points are important to consider when buying a mobility scooter ramp: 

Maximum Load 

This is extremely important. Always check the maximum load the ramp can take before buying. You’ll need to make sure that the weight of the user as well as the net weight of the scooter doesn’t exceed this limit. 

Will it fit? 

If you are planning on purchasing a fixed ramp, you’ll need to get the correct dimensions to ensure the ramp will fit. Some companies will offer to install this for you, or cheaper ramps can be installed yourself. 

Is it Suitable? 

If the ramp isn’t going to be fixed and you want it to be portable, a lightweight folding ramp is your best option. Look for ramps that are 15kg or less and can easily be fitted to different surfaces. 

It’s best to look at reviews to see how customers get on. There’s no better way to learn about a ramp than from the experience of other customers. 


Make sure to measure! This is extremely important and will save hassle and money if the ramp doesn’t fit and you need to return it. 


Some ramps out there can be pretty pricey, but our best advice is to look at reviews. If the product is expensive but has excellent reviews, it’s likely to be worth the extra money if it’s still within your budget. That’s not to say that cheaper ones aren’t as good, the more reviews there are the better an idea you’ll get.  

Here are some ramps that we think could be suitable for our customers: 

If you are looking for a fitted service there are many companies out there who will tailor a ramp to your specific needs. This will cost you a lot more but depending on your circumstances often it can be worth it. 

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