How To Help Aging Parents Keep Their Independence

How To Help Aging Parents Keep Their Independence


Watching your parents grow older and slowly lose their independence can be a very sad and daunting time.

While many senior citizens lose their independence due to health and mobility issues, it doesn’t have to be that way for your parents. A mobility scooter will give them the opportunity to branch out into new local areas and take part on day trips. 

How will a mobility scooter help aging parents maintain their independence?

Mobility scooters shouldn’t be seen as a disadvantage, it should be seen as a way to keep active and maintain independence and individuality. They are a great and encouraging option for aging individuals to leave their homes and have a change of scenery. It allows them to continue doing everything they loved before their mobility issues had an impact on their day to day lives, whether that is going down to the local shop to get the newspaper or a trip to the seaside for fish and chips! A mobility scooter helps elderly people gain their confidence back in living independently again. 

Here at Betty and Bertie, we want to help provide an opportunity for your loved ones to keep as much as their independence as possible by offering two different mobility scooters for them to choose from. 


We have two models available for you to choose from. The Lupin is a 3-wheel folding mobility scooter which is lightweight, weighing only 23kg. Lupin the folding mobility scooter comes with a rear draw-bar with anti-tip wheels, allowing you to store bags or luggage safely behind your seat, without compromising on balance or stability. It also comes with a foldable footrest, allowing you to stretch your legs out for extra comfort, whilst also serving as a handle when freewheeling your folded scooter.

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The Zinnia is a 4-wheel auto folding scooter which only weighs 28kg. It automatically folds by the click of a button and the rest is done for you! Zinnia's LCD screen displays the battery power, voltage, speed and temperature, so you can keep track of things at all times.

Both our scooters are travel friendly and can assist your parents on any travel trips they may have, from car journeys to planes (approved with the airsafe batteries). 

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