How Does A Mobility Scooter Work?

How Does A Mobility Scooter Work?


There are so many different mobility scooters on the market it can sometimes seem like an overwhelming decision. 

A mobility scooter gives an individual the opportunity to gain back their independence if they have had health and mobility issues. They are a great option to have to advance someone's confidence and gain self-sufficiency that they perhaps thought they were losing. 

Mobility scooters are a safe and stable way to travel around and complete day to day errands. There are many different features to a mobility scooter, some that are more beneficial than others. For example, a lightweight travel scooter is valuable because you can take it with you anywhere you go. Another advantage is how compact a scooter can be - both our scooters fold down neatly to save you as much space as possible and to a size that can fit into the boot of your car. 

Battery/charging components

Our scooters are slightly different when it comes to charging. We always recommend charging the batteries for the full amount of time required to get the most out of your mobility scooter. 


The Lupin is a 3 wheel scooter weighing 23kg with a turning radius of 120cm/ 47 inches. The mobility scooter contains one removable lithium-ion battery that goes for up to 35km/ 21 miles on a single charge. The charging time is 10-12 hours. When you purchase our airline friendly batteries, you can take your mobility scooter with you when travelling abroad. 


The Zinnia is a 4 wheel scooter weighing 28kg with a turning radius of 140cm/ 55 inches. The mobility scooter comes with two removable lithium-ion batteries that go for 20km/ 12 miles on a single charge. You can either take out the batteries and charge them separately or you can plug the charger into the scooter and they can charged that way. Removable batteries are ideal if you live in a flat or have stairs to access your property because you can leave the scooter in a safe place and just take the batteries with you when needed. Purchasing our airsafe batteries makes this mobility scooter compatible with airlines.

Insuring your mobility scooter 

We recommend insuring your mobility scooter as it will become a huge part of your life - if anything happens to it, you want to know that you’re covered. We have other blog posts about insurance when it comes to mobility scooters and a page on our website containing more details which you can access here

Each of our scooters come with their own characteristics which may make one more beneficial to you than the other!

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