Where Can You Drive A Mobility Scooter

Where Can You Drive A Mobility Scooter


When it comes to our scooters, the world is your oyster!

The Lupin and Zinnia can be driven anywhere you heart desires apart from on the roads. Whether you are going for a day of shopping or a trip out to a National Trust ground, our mobility scooters won’t stop you. 

Public transport

You can take your mobility scooter onto any form of public transport. In cars and taxis, your mobility scooter will fold down to fit into the boot of the car. We do recommend letting the taxi company know the dimensions of your mobility scooter prior to your journey so they can allocate the appropriate sized car for you. If you purchase our airsafe batteries, you can take the mobility scooter onto the airline with you. In some cases, you may need to fold down your mobility scooter before going onto a bus but with the Lupin and Zinnia, they give you that freedom to have that option there if needed. 


Both of our Betty and Bertie scooters can be freewheeled making it much easier to take them wherever you want to go. This also means that going on escalators and through tight gaps can be done with less hassle. Having the option of freewheeling or folding down your mobility scooter will be beneficial and create less stress for you. 

Mobility scooters in shops

One of the most popular places to use your mobility scooters is in shops. They will make your weekly shop or retail therapy trip much easier and enjoyable for you. There are a few things to note when taking your mobility scooter with you:

  • Always reduce your speed when turning corners to avoid collision 
  • Drive at a pedestrian speed and don't exceed 4mph
  • In large crowds, drive slower to allow time for other pedestrians to move out of the way to keep everyone safe and avoid injury

Take your mobility scooter with you wherever you go and enjoy your freedom and independence again!

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