How To Use A Mobility Scooter Anti-Theft Alarm

How To Use A Mobility Scooter Anti-Theft Alarm


An anti-theft alarm may be something you have never thought of before, but you can never be too careful!

The mobility scooter anti-theft alarm allows you peace of mind when leaving your scooter outside of a shop. The alarm is armed and disarmed with one quick click on your remote key fob, and it can be positioned behind the seat of your Lupin & Ren for discreet security.

Some key features of the anti-theft alarm:

  • Multipurpose bike alarm
  • 7 levels adjustable sensitivity and SOS emergency alarm
  • 3 levels adjustable volume and IP55 waterproof
  • Wireless remote control
  • Easy to install and use

Having an anti-theft alarm will put you at ease when you want to leave your scooter outside a shop or café for example. It’s a great safety feature that we offer to our customers so they feel confident and comfortable to leave their scooter unattended for a short period of time.

Please be aware that we don’t advise leaving your scooter unattended for a long period of time such as outside overnight due to the damage that the weather and conditions could have on your scooter.

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  • Monika York

    Hello, could I please purchase this anti-theft alarm? I struggle to fold the scooter when I go to a cafe or restaurant.

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