How Can I Insure My Mobility Scooter?

How Can I Insure My Mobility Scooter?


Deciding to insure your mobility scooter or not is a personal decision. Here at Betty and Bertie, we want to give you complete peace of mind when purchasing your scooter and give you the option to take out an insurance policy with our trusted partner, FISH Insurance, one of the biggest names in mobility insurance. 

Here are some benefits that FISH Insurance offers:

  • Loss or damage up to £1,500
  • Personal Accident up to £1,500
  • Worldwide cover up to 21 days
  • Third Party liability up to £1M
  • Recovery Costs
  • New For Old Replacements 
  • Excess fee of £25

To take out your first year insurance, you will need to have had your Betty and Bertie mobility scooter, purchased directly from us, for 14 days and out of your returns period before you can complete this. You are welcome to renew this policy after the 12 months have expired if you wish. 

Please note that we only cover the first year of insurance with the cover up to ‘Lite’ policy. If you would like to add breakdown cover and tyre cover then this will be at your own cost.

Taking out an insurance policy for your scooter will give you extra protection and peace of mind should anything happen. It is a personal choice that a lot of our customers have decided to do. A mobility scooter is a big investment and any extra security measures that can be taken, may be something you want to consider. 

For more information, please visit our website, email in with any queries to or call our customer service on 0800 999 6606.

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