Winter Wildlife: Exploring the UKs top Accessible Nature Reserves with your winter mobility scooter.

Winter Wildlife: Exploring the UKs top Accessible Nature Reserves with your winter mobility scooter.

Map: Top 5 Accessible Winter Nature Reserves for Mobility Scooters. Discover scenic trails and wildlife in these wheelchair-friendly reserves.

There's no better time than winter to appreciate the raw beauty of nature in the UK's incredible nature reserves. From coastal cliffs swarming with seabirds to serene wetlands rich with wildlife, we are truly spoilt for choice. Despite low temperatures, don't let the season deter you from exploring these wonders; in fact, winter unveils a unique opportunity to witness migratory wildlife. Join us as we present our top five accessible nature reserves across the UK, tailored for your winter adventure with your folding mobility scooters.

Top 5 Accessible nature reserves for your winter mobility scooter: 

1. RSPB Bempton Cliffs, Bempton:

Perched on the breathtaking Yorkshire coast, Bempton Cliffs boasts a grand spectacle of seabirds from March to August. Marvel at Puffins, Gannets, Kittiwakes, and Guillemots nesting on towering chalk cliffs. Bempton Cliffs is not just for summer; in winter, Short-eared Owls join the coastal landscape.

Bempton Cliffs is one of the most accessible seabird colonies in Europe. This reserve offers remarkable accessibility, featuring toilets, level-access facilities, and two Tramper mobility scooters for visitors and there are also two push wheelchairs that can be used, should anyone prefer these to using a mobility scooter. Booking in advance is recommended, ensuring a seamless exploration of this seabird haven.

The stunning Bempton Cliffs at sunset, a breathtaking view of nature's beauty, accessible with your folding mobility scooter.

For more information visit RSPB Bempton Cliffs website.

2. Morden Hall Park, London:

Nestled within London, Morden Hall Park is an idyllic 125-acre estate with serene riverside paths. Follow the River Wandle as it meanders serenely through the park and under the ornate bridges. Encounter kingfishers, herons, and dragonflies in the atmospheric wetlands. The park offers free parking for Blue Badge holders and accessible toilet facilities are available; It has surfaced paths throughout, with easy and moderate slopes, perfect for your folding mobility scooter. A manual wheelchair can be hired for a £10 refundable deposit. Morden Hall Park ensures a peaceful escape within the city, perfect for a stroll on your winter mobility scooter.

Morden Hall Park, London: A wheelchair-friendly nature reserve for folding mobility scooters.

For more information, see Morden Hall Parks website. 

3. Cumbria Wildlife Trust - South Walney - 

With panoramic views of Morecambe Bay, South Walney Nature Reserve is a shingle island treasure perfect for bird watching. Grey seals can be seen at high tide all year round. South Walney Nature Reserve is their only haul-out location in Cumbria. Witness thriving ecosystems’ year round and winter is a great time to see huge numbers of waders and wildfowl which feed and roost around the nature reserve.

With something to see all year round, South Walney is the perfect location to take your folding mobility scooter. They also offer an off-road mobility tramper that can be booked in advance. 

Cumbria Wildlife Trust - South Walney: Accessible nature reserve with year-round seal sightings at high tide.

For more information, visit their website. 

4. Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve - Hampshire - 

Created from a flooded gravel pit, Blashford lakes has been transformed into a stunning nature reserve. A birdwatcher's paradise offering a unique blend of habitats and stunning views across Ibsley Water. This 150 hectare reserve offers spectacular views with six bird hides, four viewing screens and 8km of surfaced marked trails perfect for your winter mobility scooter. In winter, be captivated by up to 5,000 wildfowl, including gadwall, goldeneye and goosander, which flock to the lakes from Scandinavia. 

Blashford lakes offer a range of accessible features, including mobility scooters for hire by prior arrangement, accessible parking, accessible toilets and accessible trails. 

A serene body of water at Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve in Hampshire, an accessible nature reserve.

For more information visit their website. 

 5. Loch of the Lowes, Dunkeld, Scotland:

Experience the wonders of Loch of the Lowes near Dunkeld, a 130-hectare reserve teeming with wildlife including woodland, freshwater loch, the visitor centre and hides. This stunning reserve is home to red squirrels, mallards, swans, great-crested grebes, fallow deer and great-spotted woodpeckers all year round. In autumn and winter the reserve welcomes Canada and greylag geese, as well as wigeon, tufted, golden eye and mallard ducks, Grey heron and much more.

Accessibility is prioritised, with Blue Badge parking, fully accessible toilets, and a manual wheelchair available upon request. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Scotland, enhanced by the ease of winter mobility scooter exploration.

Loch of the Lowes, Dunkeld, Scotland: an accessible nature reserve

For more information visit their website. 

In the crisp embrace of winter, seize the opportunity to explore the UK's accessible nature reserves with your winter mobility scooter. From the seabird haven of RSPB Bempton Cliffs to the serene paths of Morden Hall Park and the panoramic views at South Walney Nature Reserve, these sites promise a unique encounter with nature's beauty. Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve in Hampshire and Loch of the Lowes in Scotland offer stunning vistas and thriving wildlife. So, gear up, venture out, and let the raw allure of the UK's winter landscapes unfold before you with your winter mobility scooter. 


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