Winter Mobility Scooter Essentials: Top Accessories for Conquering Cold and Rain with Your Folding Scooter

Winter Mobility Scooter Essentials: Top Accessories for Conquering Cold and Rain with Your Folding Scooter

As winter draws to a close, we find ourselves yearning for the warmth of a cosy fire. Yet, the lingering cold and wet days need not be a barrier to the adventurous spirit within us. At Betty and Bertie, we believe that embracing the great outdoors should be a year-round affair. In this post we will show you how to defy the elements and make the most of every winter's day. Discover how, with the right accessories for your folding mobility scooter, you can enhance your comfort, visibility, and protection during the colder months. Join us as we unveil the top folding mobility scooter accessories that will empower you to venture out and about with confidence this winter.

The Universal Waterproof Rain Poncho

A person in a wheelchair maneuvering through a wet street, while wearing a rain poncho.

One of the key challenges of winter mobility is staying dry in poor weather or sudden showers. Our Universal Waterproof Rain Poncho is the perfect solution. Made from durable yet lightweight waterproof fabric, it features a large see-through section at the front, allowing you to navigate while keeping your controls protected from the elements. With a Velcro-closed collar, drawstrings on the hood, and high-visibility strips, this poncho ensures you stay safe and seen even in low light levels. It comes with a convenient stuff bag, making it easy to carry and use whenever the weather takes an unexpected turn.

Universal Waterproof Mobility Scooter Cover

A mobility scooter, protected by a mobility scooter cover.

To keep your winter mobility scooter protected during rainy seasons, our Universal Waterproof Mobility Scooter Cover is a heavy-duty and stylish solution. Constructed from durable woven polyester waterproof fabric with an internal silver coating for UV protection, this cover is also dustproof and windproof, ensuring year-round protection. It can fit over any folding mobility scooter, folded or unfolded, making it versatile for various storage needs. The cover comes with a useful toggle for a secure fit, and its own storage bag for easy storage when not in use.

LED Lights and Reflective Accessories for Visibility.

In darker winter days, visibility becomes paramount. LED lights and reflective accessories are essential, ensuring your safety during winters dimly lit conditions. The luminosity of LED lights not only illuminates your path, making obstacles more discernible, but also alerts those around you to your presence. Reflective accessories, such as strategically placed stickers on your folding mobility scooter, further enhance visibility. These accessories not only improve safety but also add a touch of style to your winter mobility scooter.

Heated Hand Warmers or Gloves

Consider the luxury of heated hand warmers or gloves, offering a cosy respite for your hands against the biting cold. Alternatively, investing in a mobility scooter or wheelchair blanket proves to be a stylish and functional solution. These blankets are not only pleasing to the eye but also excel in providing remarkable warmth, comfort, and protection. Designed with versatility in mind, they can be effortlessly taken on and off, fitting snugly onto virtually all manual wheelchairs and mobility scooters. This winter, wrap yourself in the warmth of these accessories, ensuring that the cold and wet weather won't hinder your outdoor adventures with your winter mobility scooter.


A person riding a scooter along a lakeside path, enjoying the scenic view of the tranquil lake.

Conquering the challenges of winter mobility is easier with the right accessories. Betty and Bertie are dedicated to providing not only reliable folding mobility scooters but also a range of essential accessories to make your winter journeys safe and comfortable. With our Universal Waterproof Rain Poncho, Mobility Scooter Cover, LED lights, and heated hand warmers, you'll be well-prepared to embrace the winter season with confidence. Stay warm, stay dry, and keep cruising with Betty and Bertie!



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