Why Should You Go All-Terrain?

Why Should You Go All-Terrain? 


Going all-terrain with our mobility scooters is just the start of your new adventures! 

If you are someone who likes to explore new and existing areas but have concerns about the different surroundings you may face, then our scooter may be just what you’re looking for.

As the seasons begin to change, the Lupin will be the best Autumn/Winter guide for your all-terrain adventures thanks to the air filled tyres allowing you to fulfil all your experiences no matter what the weather. By purchasing our scooter, you can enjoy your all-terrain adventures without having to worry. 


  • Tyres - Lupin offers air-filled pneumatic tyres which will provide you with a smooth ride with extra suspension for any terrain
  • The three wheels makes it easier to divert and avoid big obstructions on your all-terrain journey such as potholes and  large stones, allowing you a quicker reaction time to the obstacle
  • Anti-tip wheels will give you added reassurance while driving on an incline. They are an added safety feature for extra support. Great for an afternoon stroll up the hills in the countryside!
  • As the seasons begin to change, the air filled tyres will make the wet and slippery paths easier to control and avoid the conkers that have fallen in time for Autumn. 
  • The disk brakes allows you to have extra control on hand whenever you need it
  • The lithium-ion battery offers a huge travel range of up to 35km/21 miles from a single charge

If you have always been an adventurer or just love being outside, our Lupin scooter can help you live those dreams for longer. No matter what the weather or destination our scooter will take you anywhere you heart desires. 

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