Mobility Scooter or Power-Chair - Which Is Right For You?

Mobility Scooter or Power-Chair - Which Is Right For You? 


There are so many options on the market nowadays for mobility assistance that it can be overwhelming. 

Power chairs are designed for constant use which offers support to the back and side of the individual. Some are powered and controlled without needing to extend the arms or leaning too far forward causing discomfort for the individual. 

Pros of a power chair 

  • Tighter turning radius 
  • Transportable 
  • More support 

Cons of a power chair 

  • Heavy 
  • Doesn’t go as fast as a mobility scooter 
  • Gear stick can be difficult to use 

Mobility scooters are designed for those who don’t require constant mobility support. They are powered through batteries and typically, ours especially, are lightweight for a mobility scooter. Our scooter Lupin offers an all-terrain functionality and can be taken abroad with you and easy access onto public transport. You can explore our mobility scooters here.

Pros of our mobility scooter 

  • Lightweight 
  • Comes in different shapes and sizes 
  • Tackle different terrains - for example our Lupin scooter
  • Foldable 
  • Suitable for travel

Cons of a mobility scooters

  • Can be more expensive 
  • Sometimes more bulky

Whether you need a power-chair or a mobility scooter, there will be something available that suits your needs and requirements.

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