Travelling With Your Mobility Scooter

Travelling With Your Mobility Scooter


Want to take your mobility scooter everywhere you go? Here is all you need to know about taking your mobility scooter on public transport. 

Travelling with a mobility scooter can seem daunting, but modern technology has made it easier by creating lightweight and compact scooters that can easily be transported. So whatever your level of mobility, you can still go anywhere you want! 


All of our scooters fold small enough to fit into the boot of most cars, but it is advisable to check the dimensions beforehand. Though the scooters are light, if you want extra help lifting the scooter into the car then it’s best to ensure there is someone around to give you an extra hand. 

Public Transport 

Our lightweight, foldable mobility scooters are ideal for all your public transport travel needs, whether by bus, train or coach. 

Ranging from 23 kg to 28 kg in weight, and folding small and compact, our mobility scooters are ideal for any kind of travel. And with our automatic folding scooter Zinnia, it’s even easier! Zinnia folds at the click of the button, meaning there is no complicated folding process and no exertion, just comfort and convenience all at your fingertips. Or if Lupin is your preferred model, it’s easy folding function means all that you have to do is pull the handle and lower the seat to make it easily transportable for all of your trips! 


The common rule to travel on a bus with a mobility scooter is that it should be no more than 600mm wide and 1000mm long. As all of our scooters fold smaller than this, they are safe for bus trips. The scooter and the rider must also not exceed the maximum weight of the ramp, which is usually 300kg. 

Most bus companies with allow you to drive your scooter onto the bus if the turning circle is 1200 mm / 120 cm or less. Our Lupin model has a turning circle of 1200 mm, which makes it ideal for bus journeys. Or, if you prefer Zinnia, though it has a larger turning circle of 2400 mm / 120 cm, it can easily be folded up and wheeled onto the bus like a suitcase. Hassle free! 

As every provider is different, and information is regularly updated, it is always best to check before you travel. 

Rail Travel

You’ll experience no problem with taking your scooter on rail travel with you, but you should let your service provider know in advance so that they can assist you with a ramp if you require one. 

Alternatively, the scooter can be folded and lifted into the carriage. 

Air Travel


To travel on most airlines the lithium battery in a mobility scooter must be less than 300Wh capacity. 

Our mobility scooter capacities: 

Lupin     360Wh or we sell an airline friendly model separately at 280wh

Zinnia    144Wh x2

As Lupin is over this capacity, it is not airline friendly. However, both of our auto folding models are beneath this capacity and so therefore can be taken with you on your air travels. 

As our scooters are compact and lightweight, this makes your journey even easier. Simply fold the scooter and pull it along like a suitcase. It couldn’t be simpler! 

We do advise that you check with the airline you are flying with as some have a smaller limit of 160Wh and the rules can change frequently. 

We also advise that you let your airline know in advance that you plan to bring your mobility scooter with you on your travels to ensure they can make the appropriate arrangements for your flight. 

To find out more about air travel, see our airline rules blog post - 


Modern cruise ships are huge, which is why it’s important that you have your mobility needs covered whilst sailing across the sea. 

You should contact your cruise provider in advance to let them know that you intend to bring a mobility scooter with you. This is important so that they can ensure the scooter can fit inside your cabin where it will need to be stored overnight. 

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