Battery Maintenance Top Tips

Battery Maintenance Top Tips


It is important to take good care of your mobility scooter to ensure that you can get the maximum benefits and lifetime out of your scooter. That means you need to take extra care of your scooter batteries to ensure a long battery life.

It is recommended to let the battery run down to low and then fully charge your battery once instead of regular short term charging. If you charge batteries when they are not low this can damage the lifecycle and shorten it as they can overheat this way. Therefore it is recommended to let your scooter battery run down and charge them overnight when you’re not using the mobility scooter. If you don’t use your mobility scooter that often and find it stored in the car boot or a cupboard then it is important that the battery is still occasionally charged to prevent it from declining in performance. 

With most of our scooters, they can be easily charged in situ by using the adapter to plug into the mains and into the scooter. However all of our mobility scooters have removable batteries so you can plug them in at the mains wherever you like.

In addition to charging your scooter, you should only use the charger that was supplied with your scooter as they are usually specific to that make and model. Often, third-party battery chargers could damage the battery and the electronics inside which could void the warranty of your product. 

It is also good to think about a spare battery if possible as you can rotate the batteries you use in your mobility scooter which will not only lengthen the battery life but also enable you to use your scooter for longer periods of time. Spare batteries are perfect for long trips like holidays and as they are so small, they can be kept anywhere! Do not try and use a third party battery on your scooter as they most likely will not fit and you can not be assured they will be compatible with the motor that is inside. 

When maintaining your mobility scooter battery it is important to read the product manuals and be fully aware of the details and warnings that are enclosed. 

All of our product manuals for our mobility scooter can be found here 

If you would like more battery information then please call us on 0800 999 6606

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