The Importance of Wheels on a Mobility Scooter

The Importance of wheels on a mobility scooter 


Without wheels, scooters can’t get from a to b. However, this is not the sole function of wheels. The importance of the role that wheels play in the performance and safety of the scooter is often overlooked. 

Don’t know where to start? We are here to help. 

There is no best wheel type / size. Different wheels will have different benefits and costs, and multiple factors will need to be considered to ensure that the wheel size is right for your needs. 

Such as:

  • The terrain the scooter will be driven on
  • The speed of the scooter
  • Ease of manoeuvrability 
  • The power of the scooter
  • Rider weight

Wheel Size

Wheel size on mobility scooters can determine speed, how well the scooter drives around corners, brake performance, acceleration rate, the range the scooter can drive on a single charge, and how well the scooter absorbs road shocks. 

Wheel Type

Take PU tyres, for example, which are as durable as metal wheels but at the same time provide the elasticity of rubber wheels. These wheels will be extremely hard wearing and abrasion resistant. These are the wheels used on our Aster model. 

Pneumatic tyres are air filled, providing users with a smooth ride. They can absorb bumps and uneven terrain, and the thicker tread allows them to be driven over tougher terrain where the ground is loose or uneven. These wheels will provide your most comfortable ride! Both our Lupin and Zinnia models have these wheels. 

The concern with Pneumatic tyres is punctures. To put your mind at ease when our on a scooter with air filled tyres, we recommend two things: 

1) Use a tyre inflator and sealer before using the tyres that makes them puncture proof. Or, keep this on you when you take the scooter out, and if you get a puncture it will blow the tyres up at the same time as repairing the puncture.

If you want to protect your tyres with this, but aren't sure which one to buy, contact us and we can recommend a product for you. 

2) Keep spare inner tubes. If you get a puncture, these can either be changed by yourself or by a bike or mobility servicing shop. 

Your product manual will have more information about how to care for your tyres, so if you are unsure always refer back to it. 

It is important to consider wheel type / size carefully to ensure that the scooter is best suited to your needs. 

For more information call us on 0800 999 6606 or email us at We are here to help! 

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