The Importance of Comfort and Safety on Your Mobility Scooter

The Importance of Comfort and Safety on Your Mobility Scooter


Mobility scooters are one of the answers on how to input freedom back into your life. They are simply incredible little machines that do so much more than they look. 

The Betty & Bertie mobility scooter range includes smaller models that allow you to fit them in the boot of a car which have high travel distances and load capacities up to 120kg.

Once you have found the right mobility scooter for you, you will want to make the most of it so knowing how to use it is crucial. 


Be aware of other people and vehicles

Quite often you’ll be looking at pavement mobility scooters which mean you won’t be alone out there so you must be respectful to pedestrians and other vehicle users on the pavement. You may encounter children, parents with buggies too on a small pavement so remember to stay calm and don’t hog the pavement. You may find it useful to look into attachable mirrors to be able to see behind you at all times to ensure you can manoeuvre safely.

Know where you can use your mobility scooter

Similarly to the above, most mobility scooters are for pavement use but the size of the pavement will depend if you can drive on it. A lot of pavements in the UK are small and may even be blocked by roadworks or other people walking on them. This may mean you have to cross the street or temporarily drive on the road but it is important you do this safely and ensure you can be seen at all times by drivers on the road and signal using your arms for indication. 

Know the limits of your mobility scooter

Have a think of the day ahead of your trip, what is the weather like and how will this affect your trip on your mobility scooter? If it is raining then you may not be able to go out if you do not have the correct clothing or protection equipment for your mobility scooters. You may want to look at rain ponchos which can protect you and your mobility scooter from the rain.


Make the most of your scooter with smart accessories

Here at Betty & Bertie we like to continuously expand our range of products for your ultimate comfort whilst on your mobility scooter. So we have a range of accessories like bags, umbrella and walking stick holders, rain ponchos, rain covers, walking sticks and spare parts too.

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