Protecting Your Mobility Scooter from Rain

Protecting Your Mobility Scooter in The Rain


Most mobility scooters will be shower proof, but we don’t recommend taking your scooter out in heavy rain or through water. This can seriously damage your mobility scooter, or even break it completely.

You can check if your mobility scooter is waterproof by reading the relevant section in the manual. Some mobility scooters are waterproof, but these are normally Class 3 scooters that can be used on the road. 

Most mobility scooters come with at least one year’s warranty, but this will often be void if the damage has occurred due to water damage, especially where steps aren’t taken to protect it. Water damage can also be difficult to fix, so it’s important to protect your scooter against wet winter days. 

Travel and folding mobility scooters will usually have less protection against heavy rain, so here are some of our tips for protecting your mobility scooter this winter:

Cover Your Mobility Scooter

If you store your scooter where it can get wet it’s important that you protect it with a waterproof cover. These are usually universal and will fit most scooters. 

It’s also worth purchasing a mobility scooter cover if you are going to leave your scooter outside whilst you shop. 

Our mobility scooter cover comes with a travel bag that makes it easy to take out and about. To find out more follow the link here

Wear a Mobility Scooter Poncho 

Wearing a poncho designed for mobility scooter use can keep you and your scooter dry throughout winter. As these are designed specifically for this use, they will come with a clear section that allows you to still be able to see the control panel whilst you are driving. 

Purchase a Panel Cover 

A panel cover is a waterproof cover used to protect the panel and LCD screen of the mobility scooter. This will protect the electronic panel from the winter elements, whether it be rain or wind! It can also shield your hands from the cold and the rain, and has a clear section that allows you to see the controls. 


If you head out on your mobility scooter after it has been raining, be careful not to drive through large puddles, or any at all if it can be helped, as water can splash up and damage the electronics. 

You shouldn’t be afraid to take your mobility scooter out in light showers as most will be fine, but we recommend being prepared in case of heavy downpours. It’s best not to be caught off guard! 

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