Lupin vs Ren: Which Mobility Scooter is Right For You?

Lupin vs Ren: Which Mobility Scooter is Right For You?

Today, we're delving into a thorough comparison between two of our most popular folding mobility scooters – the Lupin and Ren. Despite their apparent similarities, these folding mobility scooters have distinct features tailored to different needs.

Join us in this exploration to assist you in determining which scooter may align best with your lifestyle.

At first glance, the Lupin and the Ren may appear almost identical. However, beneath the surface, each boasts its own unique features. Before we delve into these distinctions, let's first examine the shared characteristics of these folding mobility scooters.

Two electric scooters parked in front of a house - the Lupin and Ren folding mobility scooters by Betty and Bertie Mobility.


  • Aluminium Alloy Frame: Both scooters boast a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium alloy frame, ensuring durability and easy portability.
  • Compact Design: With identical measurements (Unfolded): H: 87cm W: 56cm L: 98cm and (Folded): H: 54cm W: 56cm L: 98cm, these scooters are designed for easy transportation and fitting into car boots, making them ideal for public transport.
  • Adjustable Steering Column: Tailor your ride with an adjustable steering column for optimal comfort.
  • Anti-Tip Wheels: Enhance security with anti-tip wheels at the back, doubling as convenient luggage storage.
  • Safety Features: Both models feature front lights and horns for visibility and audibility, pneumatic air-filled tires with 12cm ground clearance for a smooth ride, and a removable battery for added convenience.


Now that we've unveiled the shared features of the Lupin and the Ren, let's shift our focus to the distinctive qualities that set them apart, starting with the Lupin.


  • Weight and Capacity: Weighing in at a mere 23 kg, the Lupin is the lightest of the two folding mobility scooters and has a carrying weight of up to 100kg.
  • Battery Life: The Lupin boasts a range of 18-21 miles on a single charge.
    The Lupin folding mobility scooter control panel.
  • Control Panel: A simple control panel allows easy monitoring of battery life and speed mode adjustments.
  • Brakes: Equipped with rear disk brakes for effective stopping power.
  • Maximum Incline: The Lupin can conquer inclines of up to 8 degrees.
  • Airline-Friendly Battery: The Lupin has an optional feature of purchasing an air-safe battery for those looking to take their Lupin abroad.

Having explored the unique features of the Lupin, let's now turn our attention to the Ren, unravelling the key differences that make it stand out in the world of folding mobility scooters.


  • Weight and Capacity: Slightly heavier at 28 kg, the Ren supports a higher carrying capacity of 165 kg / 25 stone.
  • Battery Power: The Ren is powered by dual motors and a more powerful lithium iron battery, offering an impressive 29 miles on a single charge.
  • Off-Road Prowess: Dual motors provide extra power, making the Ren akin to a 4x4 on rough terrain and steep inclines.
    The Ren folding mobility scooter control panel.
  • Braking System: Front drum brake, in addition to rear disk brakes, ensures total control with brake handles on both sides of the handlebars.
  • Display Screen: The Ren features a display screen indicating battery life, mode options, and speed for added convenience.


In summary, the Lupin and Ren, despite their similar appearances, are crafted to fulfil different needs. The Lupin, with its lightweight design and the option of an airline-friendly battery, proves to be an excellent companion for everyday use and travel. On the flip side, the Ren caters to those with a need for a higher carrying capacity and a more robust scooter, particularly designed for challenging terrain.

A couple joyfully rides a scooter through a picturesque field, embracing the freedom of the open road.

As you navigate through the decision-making process, keep in mind that we've put together a detailed Lupin vs. Ren comparison on our YouTube channel. Watching this video will provide you with additional insights to aid your decision-making journey.

In the end, the choice between the Lupin and Ren hinges on your specific requirements. We trust that this comprehensive comparison, along with our video guide, will empower you to make an informed decision when deciding which folding mobility scooter best suits you. Safe and enjoyable scooting!

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  • Micheal Forster

    Hi having purchased 2no Lupin Scooters is there any way to secure the scooters when say left outside a shop or cafe.., thanks

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