Going Abroad? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Going Abroad? Here's Everything You Need To Know


Are you thinking of going abroad this year and want to take your mobility scooter with you? We’ve got you covered. We want to make your journey and experience as stress free as possible. Take a look at some airline information here.

We understand that having a mobility scooter becomes a huge part of your day to day life. Here at Betty and Bertie, we have made sure that we have two scooters that you can take away with you, so you can enjoy your holiday without any worries and missing out on any activities or sight seeing. 

What scooters can I take on a plane?

There are two scooters we offer that you can take away with you. Either our Lupin or Zinnia scooter can be taken onto an aircraft. Lithium batteries must be less than 300Wh to be eligible to take onboard the aircraft. If you would like to take the Lupin with you, you will need to purchase the airline safety battery as this meets the safety requirement of the aircraft. The original battery is too high and is not allowed to be taken onboard the plane. The Zinnia doesn’t need any additional batteries as they are within the safety limit. 

Do I need to do anything beforehand?

Yes. We advise that you contact the airline before you fly to make them aware that you are bringing your mobility scooter with you so they can ask you any relevant questions and let you know of any possible changes that may occur. If you have our Lupin, make sure you have also purchased the airline safety battery so you can take it with you, without any issues.

When you are at the airport or even when you are away, please feel free to call us on 0800 999 6606 or contact us via email with any issues or questions you may have, to info@bettyandbertie.com.

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