Easter Weekend With Your Loved Ones

Easter Weekend With Your Loved Ones


Whether you are having a quiet Easter weekend or spending it with loved ones, your mobility scooter won’t stop you from finding the sweet treats left by the Easter bunny!

You won’t miss out on any activities planned because your mobility scooter will be there with you every step of the way. There are many benefits of your mobility scooter, the main one being that you never miss out on anything. 

Lupin and Ren 

The tyres on both our mobility scooters are pneumatic air filled which provides a smooth ride with extra suspension for any terrain. Both our scooters have a high speed of 0-8 mph. In public areas, note that you cannot exceed 4 mph. If you’re going for a country walk around fields to see the daffodils, you can use your scooter at a higher speed as you are on remote grounds. Both of our scooters come with anti-tip wheels for added safety and security.


Our Zinnia scooter has solid PU solid wheels but with elasticity of rubber wheels making them hard wearing and abrasion resistant. The Zinnia has a speed of 0-3.7 mph which is perfect to assist you on your adventures. The Zinnia scooter is an auto-folding scooter and can be stored easily and out of the way. The Zinnia has an intelligent braking system that makes sure that whenever you’re not accelerating or reversing your mobility scooter, the electromagnetic brakes are automatically applied, giving you full control wherever you decide to stop.

Enjoy and take part in the Easter egg hunt this year with your mobility scooter!

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