Customer Success Stories: How Folding Travel Mobility Scooters Changed Lives

Customer Success Stories: How Folding Travel Mobility Scooters Changed Lives

There's no doubt that folding travel mobility scooters have changed people's lives. Many struggling with limited mobility have found that mobility scooters have revolutionised the game, allowing these individuals to be able to go out and about, and even go abroad again- something they may have thought was impossible.

In this blog, we will delve into the inspiring impact that travel mobility scooters have, and explore the way they have changed some of customer's lives.

Going abroad:

Our mobility scooters are specially designed for convenient travel and transportation. Our Lupin and Zinnia are lightweight and portable- and also airline approved! Listen to these happy customer's stories about their experiences;

  • My Lupin has traveled the world with me, it's brilliant. Many people in Australia wanted to buy it!! Very easy to fold and unfold, it's great for traveling“- B.H.
  • During our time in Cape Town and surrounding areas, the Lupin performed brilliantly, coping with varying surfaces and many inclines that I would not necessarily have been as confident of attempting with other makes of disability scooters. Similarly, the maneuverability in shopping malls and supermarkets, etc was superb“- B.M.

Regaining independence:

The ultimate goal of folding mobility scooters is to help individuals gain back that vital independence they may feel they have lost. It allows these people to get back to doing what they love- cruising through the park, running errands, visiting friends and family. Here are some real-life examples of our customers gaining back their freedom; 

  • The scooter is perfect. My husband loves it and he now has some independence back in his life. Thank you so much for all your help“- A.P.
  • There are no ends to where you can go with this scooter, it is very smart and compact meaning I can leave it in the boot of my car ready to go“- C and B
  • “I feel I have my life back now I can get out and about, and look forward to the days ahead. Thank you” - E.W

Mental and emotional well-being

We understand that having limited mobility can affect your mental and emotional well-being, especially when it restricts you from doing things you love, or keeps you from seeing friends and family. However, folding travel mobility scooters can make this possible again and expand your horizons once again. Limited mobility issues express themselves across a wide age range, so we keep our mobility scooter design trendy and stylish.

  • My first thought about my scooter was definitely how attractive it is! The red stood out to me and I almost feel a little younger too.’ - J
  • I have fought against a mobility scooter for a long time as I’m only 50 but have had to admit I have lost my freedom due to my disability. But literally straight out of the box and she was ready to go and I have fallen in love. [...] I’m looking forward to taking her to London on the train to visit my daughter and go Christmas shopping with her. [...] For the first time in a very long time I’m planning tomorrow not what I will fill my hours with at home but where I can go tomorrow and what I can get up to“ - A.C.

Enhanced Mobility and Accessibility

Our mobility scooters are built to tackle uneven terrains, navigate through public spaces and go on public transport. They can be collapsed and taken on to trains, trams, buses, and even fit into the boot of a car. But don't just take our word for it;

  • We now have a scooter that can be used on varying surfaces, with 3 power modes, excellent brakes, comfortable seating, luggage storage & best of all, large 10" wheels. The best scooter we have seen“ - N.D.
  • I am pleased with my Lupin, which I use on buses and trains“’- T.G.
  • It fitted in my car boot perfectly. I whizzed around the park without holding people back to wait for me. My grandkids loved it. It was quick and comfortable to ride on plus it seemed to cope well with hills.[...] Thanks“- D.B.

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