Airline Rules for Folding Mobility Scooters

Airline Rules for Folding Mobility Scooters


At Betty&Bertie, we carry a range of folding mobility scooter options that are suitable for travelling with as they fold down to a compact and easy to use scooter when in use or when travelling too. 

Fancy taking your folding mobility scooter abroad? Well we have done the research for you already


Airline Rules and Regulations 

To travel on most airlines the lithium battery in the mobility scooter must be less than 300Wh capacity which our auto folding scooters comply with as like most mobility scooters.  For two batteries, the limit is usually at 160Wh each.

Some airlines may have a limit of a smaller amount of only 160Wh and so we do recommend checking with the airline that you're flying with before your date of travel. 

This means Zinnia is safe to take on most aircrafts. 

On other hand, the battery that comes with Lupin is 360Wh. To allow you to take Lupin abroad, we sell an airsafe battery (288Wh) that can be purchased additionally - Lupin Airsafe Battery


To make it even easier for you we have the rules for travelling with a mobility scooter with Easyjet which is the most commonly used airline in the UK and their policy states: 

“Wheelchairs and Mobility Equipment Wheelchairs and mobility that cannot be lifted manually into the aircraft hold will only be accepted for travel if both airports can provide the facilities to load / unload the device.

Notifying us 48 hours prior to Your departure will enable Us to establish this and use reasonable efforts to accommodate Your needs.

Two items of mobility equipment (eg: wheelchairs, mobility aids) per passenger will be carried free of charge in addition to a Passenger’s Hold Baggage allowance.”

For more information from other airlines, see the links below: 

Ryan Air 


British Airways 


Virgin Atlantic 


How To Take Your Scooter Through the Airport

The scooter is stored in the hold luggage, but the battery must be carried on the aircraft in your hand luggage. 

Although the mobility scooter will be going in the hold luggage, it does not have to be checked in at the check in desk. The scooter can be taken with you through the airport, the gate, and all the way to the aircraft. 

The staff at the check in desk will need to be informed that you plan to take the scooter to the gate with you, and they will want to know information about the battery to confirm that it is safe to take on the aircraft. Be sure to have this on you when you arrive at the airport to make the process as easy as possible! 

Once at the aircraft, the batteries should be removed and the scooter can be handed over to the staff to be loaded into the hold luggage. The batteries are taken into the cabin as hand luggage. 

Once the aircraft lands at the destination, the scooter can be collected before entering the airport so that you can always have it with you. 

With one of Betty&Bertie’s lightweight, foldable mobility scooters, you won’t ever face an issue when travelling abroad. We hope you found all the information you needed and we do always advise you to check with your airline before you travel as information can change frequently.


  • Alison Starling

    Thanks for the information could you now explain about taking them on cruise ships and if you can travel with the REN scooter

  • Janet Jamieson

    Please send a catalogue to me I want a light weight scooter or wheelchair. Thank you.

  • Janet Jamieson

    Is the airline battery over and above the cost of scooter.

  • Robert Thick

    I was looking at the Ren as the weight limit would be great for me but I would want to take it on planes but your specs say that the battery would not be allowed and your other scooters would not take my weight is there any aircraft batteries that you can fit into the Ren to allow travel

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