6 Questions to think about when buying a folding mobility scooter

6  Questions to think about when buying a folding mobility scooter


Are you looking to buy a mobility scooter? Well we’ve got the top 6 questions you should think about and factor into your decision.

1. What do you want to use your folding mobility scooter for?

Are you going to be using your scooter everyday for a long term use or just to make smaller occasions a little easier for you like when going out walking or popping down the shops.

2. How heavy is it?

You want to ensure you can manoeuvre your scooter wherever you go. That’s why at Betty & Bertie, all of our folding mobility scooters are easily transportable, meaning you can get them in and out of a car and around the house with no problems at all!

3. Are you going to be travelling with your scooter?

If you're a frequent flyer or just like trips down to the coast and want to take your scooter with you, then ensure you’re looking at the battery specifications of your scooter and the requirements for Airlines.

4. Where are you going to be using your scooter?

If you live far out of town or in a hilly area then make sure you look at the mobility scooters maximum range and incline.

5. Do you enjoy comfort?

Ensure to take in factors like your height as you may want a mobility scooter that has extra legroom and adjustable handlebars which will make your scooter more comfortable in long term use.

6. What features are you looking for on a mobility scooter?

When looking at scooters, they can definitely be overwhelming and so it is important to take your time and think about what you want from it. Some great features are removable/adjustable armrests, luggage carrier, and footrests.

Here at Betty & Bertie we have a range of mobility scooters that can suit everybody! We have a range of features available, including removable arrests, adjustable handlebars, ergonomic brakes, safety lights, luggage carriers, footrests and more!

Take a look at our collection of travel friendly and lightweight mobility scooters today!


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