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The scooter is stored in the hold luggage, but the battery must be carried on the aircraft in your hand luggage. 

Although the mobility scooter will be going in the hold luggage, it does not have to be checked in at the check in desk. The scooter can be taken with you through the airport, the gate, and all the way to the aircraft. 

Once at the aircraft, the batteries should be removed and the scooter can be handed over to the staff to be loaded into the hold luggage. The batteries are taken into the cabin as hand luggage. 

Once the aircraft lands at the destination, the scooter can be collected before entering the airport so that you can always have it with you. 

With one of Betty&Bertie’s lightweight, foldable mobility scooters, you won’t ever face an issue when travelling abroad.


Weighing only 23kg, Lupin is one of the UK’s most convenient and lightweight folding mobility scooters – simply pull the handle and lift the seat to watch it unfold to a comfortable and simple-to-use solution to all your mobility scooter needs!

£1,350 with VAT relief



Zinnia is the automatic folding mobility scooter that unfolds at the click of a button! It boasts a comfortable folding seat with optional armrests and a telescopic steering column with an adjustable height and angle, so you can get around in comfort and style!

£1,950 with VAT relief