What Accessories Do You Need For Your Mobility Scooter?

What Accessories Do You Need For Your Mobility Scooter?


You may not have considered accessories for your mobility scooter but this is a good way to make your mobility scooter more personal to you.

Here are some examples of accessories you may be interested in for your mobility scooter:

  • A bag - this will come in handy for shopping trips or carrying personal items 
  • Universal waterproof mobility scooter cover - to protect your mobility scooter from the rain
  • Premium crutch stick holder - this can be attached onto your scooter so you always know where to leave it
  • Collapsible walking stick
  • Universal waterproof rain poncho - to keep yourself dry from the rain
  • Mobility scooter anti-theft alarm - this can be attached onto your scooter and it will raise an alarm if someone attempts to steal it

Accessories are a great way to either add extra protection to your scooter or to make it a bit more personal to yourself and to suit your needs better. 

We do hold our own accessories or if these don’t meet your needs, Amazon and eBay are a great way to source what you’re looking for. Accessories don’t necessarily suit everyone but they are something to consider when purchasing your mobility scooter. 

Check out our accessories here.

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