Travelling with Ease: Tips for Packing and Storing Your Folding Travel Mobility Scooter

Travelling with Ease: Tips for Packing and Storing Your Folding Travel Mobility Scooter

When it comes to travelling with a mobility scooter, having a folding travel scooter can be a game-changer. These compact and portable scooters are specially designed to offer users with limited mobility convenience and freedom. In this blog, we will discuss the proper packing practices for your scooter as well as how to disassemble/collapse and store it. 

Step 1: Disassembly

Before you pack your folding mobility scooter, you must fold or dissemble it. It's best to follow the manufacturer's guide and read the instructions on how to fold or take apart your scooter before you pack it away. 

You must also remove the battery and ensure it's in a safe, dry place to prevent possible damage. If your scooter has any loose parts such as optional armrests or baskets then you must remove these and store them securely. If your folding mobility scooter has a lithium battery then it most likely can be removed from the mobility scooter and you will want to store this inside especially during the winter. See this article on the best mobility scooters that have removable batteries here 

Step 2: Proper Packing

When there is limited space available, proper packing techniques are crucial. It's a great idea to use a protective, waterproof cover to protect your folding mobility scooter. This can save it from scratches, moisture, and dirt during your travels. Click here to see a great example of a durable waterproof cover. 

If you are concerned about your scooter being damaged in transit, you can place padding, cushions, bubble wrap, or foam wrap around the delicate parts. If you are travelling a lot with your scooter then it may be worth investing in a dedicated travel case that provides extra protection. They are designed to fit the dimensions of folded scooters and often come with wheels for easy transportation.

Storing your scooter

Once you have reached your destination, storing your folding travel mobility scooter appropriately ensures its longevity and ease of use. Ensure to keep it clean and dry by keeping it in a safe, well-ventilated area to prevent moisture build-up. You will want to avoid any extreme temperatures as high temperatures can damage the battery whilst freezing temperatures can affect its functionality. 

If you are unsure of where you would actually store your mobility scooter then here are some suggestions. If you need to store your folding mobility scooter outside then look into a outdoor shed like this one, or you may want something more portable such as a Waterproof Outdoor Cover like this one.

We recommend wiping your scooter down often to remove any dirt and debris so the scooter remains in good condition. If you are storing your scooter for an extended period of time, make sure the battery is fully charged. Periodically charge it to maintain optimal performance.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can efficiently pack, transport, and store your scooter, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience. Remember to prioritise disassembly, utilise effective packing techniques, and keep your folding travel mobility scooter appropriately to maintain its longevity and performance. Happy travels!

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