Tips & Tricks for Mobility Scooter Driving

Tips & Tricks for Mobility Scooter Driving


Mobility scooters are relatively easy to drive, but they can seem intimidating if you've never used one. It’s always best to start slowly and learn as much as possible about your mobility scooter which will help you operate the scooter safely.

Don’t forget the speed limit

If you’re travelling on the pavement, then the speed limit is 4 mph and this is the legal limit for a class 2 mobility scooter. 4 mph may not seem like much, but when you compare it to the average human walking speed, which is only 3 mph, it is actually quite fast.

Watch out for kerbs

You should always be careful, and reduce your speed, when mounting or dismounting pavements and kerbs, and always try to use dropped kerbs where possible. Do be extra cautious if your mobility scooter has limited suspension as if it does then you could seriously damage the vehicle on kerbs. 

Driving on the road

As our Betty&Bertie range is only class 2, all of our models must only be driven on pavements, however you may need to drive on the road from time to time. Perhaps there are repairs on the pavement, a car blocking the path that stops you getting by or you may need to cross the street. In all of these examples you may need to temporarily drive on the road which is fine. Just be careful of cars and bicycle users as all of these will have priority on the road. You may want to be extra careful and be aware of potholes or uneven surfaces that could cause a bumpy ride for you and to your scooter. 

How do you brake on a mobility scooter?

Our Zinnia automatic mobility scooters do not have brake pedals. Rather, it has electromagnetic brakes. When the rider lets up on the throttle, the magnetic brake automatically brings the scooter to a stop within 8-10 inches. It also locks the wheels when the power to the scooter is off so that the scooter cannot roll away.

Our Lupin & Ren operate with a handbrake which is similar to a bicycle brake. The rider must squeeze the brake lever in order to apply the brakes.

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