The Evolution of Folding Travel Mobility Scooters: Past, Present, and Future

The Evolution of Folding Travel Mobility Scooters: Past, Present, and Future

Folding travel mobility scooters have transformed throughout the years, each time getting more and more advanced and convenient.

We will discuss in this blog the history of the evolution of these folding mobility scooters, from their early beginnings to the current state of the industry. We will speculate on the possible future developments of these innovative mobility solutions.

The Early Beginnings

These lightweight, compact inventions we now know as folding mobility scooters have come a long way from their origins. When they first came about, they were bulky, quite heavy and therefore completely impractical for their travelling purpose. Manufacturers realised that these models were too inconvenient for people to take around and for people to be able to fit in cars. This led to them creating designs for easier, less clunky models that could be collapsed down in a few simple steps. For example, our model Ren, can fold down in just 3 steps.

Advancements in Portability

Breakthroughs and advancements in technology assisted in making these new and improved travel mobility scooters. Lightweight materials were starting to be used, such as aluminium and carbon fibre which was compatible with their goals- for the scooters to be stable yet lighter. By doing this, the overall weight of the scooters decreased- some even around 15-17 kg.

Technological Advancements

Many mobility scooters sport various advanced electronics which have become essential to make them as effective and convenient as possible. Such electronics include the digital dashboards, making battery life longer, making motors more powerful and controls and the more advanced braking systems which make mobility scooters the safest they have ever been.

Compact and User-Friendly Designs

The design of these folding mobility scooters increasingly becomes more stylish and sleek. Many offer a range of colours, and have adjustable features such as armrests and handlebars. They are especially great at collapsing in a few simple steps, and some even auto-fold by themselves (just like our Zinnia model)!

Future Trends and Advancements

There are many exciting new changes that are currently in progress or being speculated to materialise in the future..

  • New Technology: We might expect to see folding scooters with features such as including smartphone apps for remote control so that users can turn their scooters on or off, control its speed and so on, through their phones. They may incorporate GPS technology that makes planning routes and navigating unfamiliar areas much easier.
  • More Sustainable: Perhaps there will be a move towards more sustainable materials and maybe even advanced braking systems that have the potential to convert kinetic energy to electrical energy. Exciting! 
  • Safety Systems: Safety of users is ultimately super important, so collision sensors may be installed that can detect when the mobility scooter might come into contact with a hazard or object and will alert the rider.
  • Lightweight Designs: There will always be a constant weight on trying to reduce the weight of mobility scooters whilst also maintaining fantastic performance.

Folding travel mobility scooters have already come such a long way so it will be exciting to see the beneficial changes to come.

We also consistently post lots of other information that is very useful to know when you have a mobility scooter which you can find here.

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