The Different Types of Mobility Scooters

The Different Types of Mobility Scooters


Are you looking to buy a mobility scooter? It can be very overwhelming choosing the right one for you. Do you want 3 or 4 wheels? Road or pavement mobility scooter? Do you want to take it abroad?

Let’s take a look at the different types of mobility scooters on the market:

Pavement Mobility Scooters

Pavement mobility scooters are very similar to travel mobility scooters meaning they are typically of a smaller size with 4 wheels, except they can take a higher load capacity and are slightly bigger due to them being one size. They may also have more features such as lights and rear view mirrors attached to them. 

Road Mobility Scooters

Road mobility scooters are able to travel on roads which means they can travel at a faster speed as they are not limited to the maximum speed of 4 mph which applies to mobility scooters travelling on the pavements. They also have more features such as suspension and advanced dash displays to improve the experience you have while travelling.

Travel Mobility Scooter

Travel mobility scooters are exactly what they say on the tin, they’re mobility scooters that are specially designed to travel with. This may be in the form of your car, on a plane, train, bus or boat! Typically you will see these designs fold down to a smaller compact style that is easy to manoeuvre when travelling with.

At Betty&Bertie, we carry a range of Travel Folding Mobility scooter options that are suitable for travelling with as they fold down to a compact and easy to use scooter when in use or when travelling too. To travel on most airlines, the lithium battery in the Travel mobility scooter must be less than 300Wh capacity which both of our folding scooters comply with as like most mobility scooters. If you have a Lupin then you can purchase an air-safe battery on the side!

Two of our models are easy to use with their simple operational technology - by pressing a button or pulling a handle, one of our folding mobility scooters will be just right for you! What's better is they've both been designed for making travelling much easier. Ranging from 23 kg to 30 kg in weight, and folding small and compact, our mobility scooters are ideal for any kind of travel. Plus you can purchase a spare battery and double the range!

Lupin is incredibly travel-friendly; folding compactly for ease of transport, it weighs only 23kgs and can fit snugly in the boot of a car, so you can take it anywhere! Lupin even lets you control its strong 300W motor with three different speed settings, meaning you can set the speed that’s right for you.

Zinnia is the automatic folding mobility scooter that unfolds at the click of a button - watch it unfold from being compact and transportable, to a comfortable and simple-to-use solution to all your travel mobility scooter needs! It boasts a comfortable folding seat with optional armrests and a telescopic steering column with an adjustable height and angle, so you can get around in comfort and style

The Ren is the new & improved version of our most popular folding mobility scooter; Lupin. We've made this model stronger and bigger as it has a higher load capacity of 165kg (25st). Ren also has dual motors making it so much better on hills and tougher terrain!

Take a look at our models here

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