Taking Your Mobility Scooter Abroad? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Taking Your Mobility Scooter Abroad? Here Is Everything You Need To Know


Travelling is one of life's great joys, and at Betty & Bertie, we believe that everyone, regardless of mobility challenges should have the freedom to explore the world. Our folding mobility scooters are designed to make travel easier and more accessible. Whether you're planning to jet off to a sunny destination, embark on a cruise, or drive through the scenic routes of Europe, we’ve got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about taking your travel mobility scooter abroad.

A couple riding a travel mobility scooter together, enjoying a leisurely ride abroad through the countryside.

Preparing for Your Trip:

First things first, you must ensure your travel insurance covers your folding mobility scooter. This is crucial in case of any accidents or damage while abroad and often these insurance policies are not expensive at all. At Betty & Bertie, we partner with FISH Insurance which covers you across loss, damage, personal accident, recovery costs and worldwide cover too. 

Another thing to consider is that countries have different electrical systems, meaning you will need to bring a plug adaptor with you on your trip. It is good practice to ensure you have appropriate adaptors and check if your folding mobility scooter’s charger is compatible with the voltage in your final destination and remember charging times can vary to what you may be used to.

Before You Travel:

Air Travel: If flying, ensure to contact the specific airline to confirm their policies on travel mobility scooters. Some airlines like Ryanair only take 2 travel mobility scooters per flight, so it is important to check with the airline beforehand for information on requirements, restrictions and mobility scooter dimensions. In addition, to travel on most airlines the lithium battery in the travel mobility scooter must be less than 300Wh capacity so make sure to check if the battery complies with airline regulations. 

When notifying the airline that you want to bring a folding mobility scooter with you on your trip, they will ask for specific information which you can often find online or in your product manual. Ensure you print off a few copies of all requested paperwork just in case you need to present this at any point of your trip. Do allow yourself as much time as possible before flying to ensure all procedures are followed.

Most of the time, travel mobility scooters have lithium-ion batteries which are allowed on aeroplanes, but airlines have strict guidelines on how many you can carry, as batteries up to 300Wh are allowed, and you can carry up to two spares as well.

Man waiting at the train station at the airport pushing his folded up mobility scooter

Cruises: Similarly, if you are travelling abroad on a cruise with your folding mobility scooter then you will need to notify the cruise line about your travel mobility scooter when booking. This will ensure that you receive a suitable cabin and any necessary assistance whilst on-board. In addition to this, depending on your accessibility needs, there are cabin options which have better accessibility features that you may find easier when travelling with a folding mobility scooter. Sometimes, a bigger room is better, these cabins are usually equipped with features like wider doorways and grab rails and will ensure your folding mobility scooter does not block any exits in the cabin. 

At the Airport:

Air Travel: Arrive extra early and give yourself plenty of time to check in and go through security as the airport staff will need to check the folding mobility scooter quite thoroughly at security, and there may be certain tags needing to be put on the travel mobility scooter for the airlines use when boarding. Do make it clear to the staff at check-in and security that you are travelling with a travel mobility scooter and ensure you have all paperwork with you that you would have obtained prior to check-in. 

Additionally, why not take advantage of pre-boarding services offered to passengers who need assistance as this can take some of the natural stress and pressure we face when travelling, leaving you with a clear head and worry-free journey. 

On Board:

Air Travel: When boarding your flight, your folding mobility scooter will be stored in the cargo hold with the rest of the luggage. As you say a temporary goodbye to your folding mobility scooter, you will be asked to fold up the travel mobility scooter and remove the batteries to then give the folded mobility scooter to the airline crew. The battery that you removed will be taken on board the aircraft with your cabin bags. Rest assured, the airline staff are trained to handle mobility equipment with care and if you need assistance moving through the airport or to your seat, request it in advance as most airlines provide excellent support for passengers with mobility needs.

A man pushing his folded mobility scooter through an airport terminal.

Cruises: When you arrive for your cruise, explore the ship to find out which areas are travel mobility scooter-friendly. Most modern ships are designed with accessibility in mind, featuring ramps and elevators. Check if the shore excursions are accessible for travel mobility scooter users. Many cruise lines offer specialised tours for passengers with mobility aids.

On the road:

Car rentals: If you're renting a car for your road trip then do ensure it’s suitable for transporting your folding mobility scooter. Many car rental companies offer vehicles with ample boot space or the ability to carry mobility equipment. It is advisable to let the hire company know you have a travel mobility scooter as often they will allocate what is available when you pick-up, and you do not want to be told there is no room for your folding mobility scooter. Definitely give the company a heads up and they can keep a larger vehicle for you. 

Car boot with a lightweight mobility scooter folded up inside.

Tips for a Smooth Journey:

  • Documentation: Carry all necessary documents, including a doctor’s note (if required), insurance papers, and any relevant correspondence with airlines or cruise lines.
  • Maintenance Kit: Bring a small maintenance kit with essentials like a spare inner tyre tube, patch kit, and basic tools. This can be a lifesaver in case of minor issues.
  • Stay Charged: Always have your travel mobility scooter fully charged before heading out. Carrying a spare battery is also a good idea, especially for long trips.

At Betty & Bertie, we're dedicated to helping you make the most of your travel experiences with our range of travel mobility scooters. Designed for convenience and comfort, our folding mobility scooters are your perfect travel companion, ensuring you can explore the world with ease and confidence.

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