Spring Cleaning Best Practices

Spring Cleaning Best Practices


It’s about time to start driving your mobility scooter again and our Betty & Bertie range requires good maintenance to maintain to remain in good working condition. Some general tips on how to clean, inspect and maintain a motorised scooter are provided here.

Important: Before performing any maintenance work on your scooter, be sure to turn the power off and make certain you have disconnected the charger's power cord.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Mobility Scooter

  • Dusting. Use a dry and soft cloth to gently dust all exposed parts of your scooter
  • Removing Grime
  • Cleaning Tyres
  • Scooter Cover
  • Don't Spray Liquids Directly Onto Your Scooter
  • Don't Use Wax or Oil

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How to Inspect and Maintain Your Power Scooter

  • In between professional inspections, give your scooter regular check-ups.
  • Check tire treads daily for wear. Replace thinning tires.
  • Check the upholstery for areas that may irritate your skin.
  • Check battery power. If the gauge is in RED, re-charge or replace batteries.
  • Adjust moveable parts (steering tiller, wheels, swivel seat, levers, mirror, etc) to ensure consistent functioning.

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