Prepping Your Mobility Scooter for Winter: Maintenance and Care Tips

Prepping Your Mobility Scooter for Winter: Maintenance and Care Tips

Winter is upon us, and while the chill in the air may have us yearning for cosy fires, it doesn't mean your mobility scooter needs to hibernate. With a little preparation, you can continue enjoying the freedom and independence your folding mobility scooter provides, even in colder weather. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of winterising your folding mobility scooter to ensure it stays in top-notch condition. So, let's keep the wheels turning and the adventures rolling this winter!

Battery Maintenance: Powering Through the Cold

First up, give those batteries some extra love as your winter mobility scooter's battery is the heart that keeps it going. Chilly temperatures can put Lithium batteries under an additional load, so make sure you keep them topped up if you are using them over any distance. Fully recharge your batteries before any lengthy trips and consider keeping a backup battery pack handy just in case. 

To keep your folding winter mobility scooter's battery in tip-top shape, follow these steps:

  • Keep It Charged: Ensure your battery is fully charged before heading out. Cold weather can reduce battery efficiency, so having a full charge is essential.
  • Store Indoors: If possible, store your winter mobility scooter or at least the battery indoors when not in use. A warmer environment can help maintain the battery's performance.
  • Regular Charging: If you don't use your folding mobility scooter daily, make a habit of charging it regularly, even if you're not planning to go out. This helps to prevent the battery from draining too low.

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Tyre Care: Traction for the Winter Wonderland

Next, take a look at those tyres as they are the unsung heroes of your winter mobility scooter, especially in winter. Make sure the tread isn’t too worn and keep tyres properly inflated. In snow and/or ice and if you have inflatable tyres, consider deflating them by 5 to 10 PSI to increase grip on the ground. 

Proper tyre care ensures safety and smooth rides:

  • Inflate Properly: Check your winter mobility scooter’s tyre pressure. Cold weather can cause tyre pressure to drop.
  • Tread Check: Examine the tyre tread for signs of wear. If your tyres are looking bald, it's time to consider replacements for better grip on icy or wet surfaces.

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Recommended Accessories: Stay Warm and Dry

Winter adventures are all about staying warm and dry, plus don’t forget the lighting! The short days of winter mean it’s crucial to have reflectors and headlights to stay visible. Check bulbs, replace if needed, and give lenses a good clean. Waterproof ponchos are also smart additions to keep you, and your winter mobility scooter, nice and dry on those blustery winter days.

Winter adventures are all about staying warm and dry. These mobility scooter accessories will keep you comfortable and protected:

  • Rain Canopy: Invest in a rain canopy to shield yourself from wet weather. It's like having your personal mini-umbrella.
  • Thermal Blanket: Wrap yourself in a cosy thermal blanket to stay warm during your rides. It's like having your very own mobile snuggle.
  • Hand Warmers: Heated hand warmers or gloves will keep your hands toasty, even on the coldest of days.
  • LED Lights: As the days get shorter, ensure you have bright LED lights to illuminate your path and increase visibility.
  • Reflective Gear: Equip yourself with reflective clothing or accessories to stay visible to others, especially during early sunsets.

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Winter should never mean compromising on your independence and the joy of folding mobility scooter adventures. By following these maintenance and care tips and adding a few cosy accessories, you'll be ready to explore the winter wonderland safely and comfortably.

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