Preparing Your Mobility Scooter for Summer Season Exploring

Preparing Your Mobility Scooter for Summer Season Exploring


The summer is here and it’s ready to stay so pop open your mobility scooter now! The days are brighter and longer so why not pop into town on your mobility scooter, or go and visit family? You may need to check a few things if you haven’t used your mobility scooter for a while…

Mobility scooter maintenance is so simple that you wouldn’t even know you’re doing it. Here are some tips to get you started:


If you keep your folding mobility scooter outside in the garage or in the cupboard under the stairs then it may have gathered some dust or spiders making a home on it so ensure to give it a good old spring clean. We recommend using a dry cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust and then try a damp cloth to wipe over any marks. Please do not get the batteries or electrical parts wet and ensure the batteries are covered over at all times during cleaning. There is no need to use excessive amounts of water on a mobility scooter so a damp cloth is perfect.

Loose Parts

This one may sound odd at first but it makes sense as when materials get cold or warm they can expand or shrink depending on the temperature grounds they’re living in. This can cause components to shift slightly which can result in loose parts which you may notice if you can hear any rattling. 


The first thing to do with your batteries is a quick visual check making sure there is no residue such as battery acid around the terminals and ports of the battery and connectors. Once you are sure there is no rust or residue then turn it on and check their charge. If your travel folding mobility scooter is not turning on or if it hasn’t been used in a while then it is likely that the batteries have died and will need to be left to charge for a full 12-14 hours. If you also find that your battery is losing charge quickly then you may need to look into new batteries to ensure your mobility scooter's performance is optimized. 


When it comes to tyres, pneumatic types can also be affected by temperature like other parts, meaning air can contract and expand causing a loss in pressure so it is important to give you tyres a check for your safety. After all they are responsible for carrying the you and your folding mobility scooter home

Once you’ve finished these checks you can get out and enjoy the summer season.


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