Keeping Your Mobility Scooter Secure and Protected

Mobility scooters can give you the freedom to travel independently, but you want to feel reassured that when you are out your scooter is as protected as it can be. Here are our top tips for ensuring this: 

  1. Mobility scooters with an ignition key - this allows you to leave the scooter whilst you pop into the shops without worrying about someone being able to drive it away. This is especially beneficial when the scooter has electromagnetic brakes which makes it impossible to move, even without power. 
  2. Use a bike lock - for mobility scooters without a key, or even for those that do, it’s always a good idea to lock the scooter up if you are planning on leaving it. This can be done the same way you would lock up a bike. 
  3. Purchase a wheel lock - not only does this deter potential thieves, it prevents anyone from wheeling the scooter away giving you peace of mind whilst you go about your day-to-day activities and errands. 
  4. Purchase a scooter alarm - this alarm will emit a noise when there is motion detected on the scooter, alerting you to any potential thief. Not only this, those that are fitted with GPS trackers mean that in the instance where the mobility scooter is stolen, it can assist with the police in tracking and recovering the scooter. 
  5. Mobility Scooter Insurance - taking out insurance for your mobility scooter is always a wise choice. Depending on the value of the mobility scooter, policies can start from as low as £20 and can provide protection up to a certain value for theft, loss or damage, personal accident cover, recovery costs and worldwide cover.
  6. Register Your Mobility Scooter - You can register your mobility scooter in the UK on the National Mobility Register which costs a small fee of £12 per year. Once registered, a sticker is added to your mobility scooter to make it traceable by the police if it gets stolen. To find out more, follow their website link below:

It’s always important to think about where you are leaving your scooter when leaving it unattended as well as where you plan to store it overnight. Mobility Scooters can be expensive and so taking the steps to protect it is always worthwhile. 

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