January Journeys: Accessible Adventures Without Breaking the Bank

January Journeys: Accessible Adventures Without Breaking the Bank

As we bid farewell to the festive season and welcome the fresh start of January, the thought of engaging in affordable yet enriching activities becomes a delightful prospect, especially after the holiday splurge. Join us on this journey of accessible adventures across the UK, where we'll uncover cost-effective and mobility-friendly experiences.
In this post, we'll recommend some top free and low-cost days out, from museums and galleries to beautiful outdoor spaces. We'll also share some local activities you can try close to home. Accessibility doesn't have to come at a price - keep your freedom, independence and mobility this January without breaking the bank!

A man on an folding mobility scooter glides down a road, enjoying the scenic British countryside.

Unlocking the Past: English Heritage Sites

One of the best options for free days out is to visit sites looked after by the English Heritage Society. Picture this: Strolling through ancient stone circles, wandering within the walls of majestic castles, and immersing yourself in the echoes of England's rich history—all without reaching for your wallet.

The English Heritage Society cares for over 400 historic places across England, many of which are free to enter without needing to book ahead. From ancient stone circles to majestic castles, you can immerse yourself in England's past. We recommend checking out their list of Spectacular Sites to See for Free.
An English Heritage site, free to visit.

Admission-Free Museums: A Cultural Feast

Another top choice is spending a day at one of the UK's many fascinating yet free museums and galleries. Step into a realm where knowledge and creativity know no bounds. Imagine your day unfolding amidst the hallowed halls of renowned museums, each offering not just exhibits but a cultural feast for the soul—completely free!

Immerse yourself in the wealth of human knowledge and creativity while enjoying fully accessible facilities.

Some of the top free museums in the UK include:

  • The British Museum, London

The British Museum in London offers wheelchairs available to pre-book free of charge for your visit. Mobility scooters are also welcome inside the museum.

Website: The British Museum
Accessibility Information: Accessibility at The British Museum

  • The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh has wheelchairs available for loan at no charge whilst visiting. Small mobility scooters are permitted inside.

Website: National Museum of Scotland
Accessibility Information: Accessibility at National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland's long hallway - part of accessible museums in Edinburgh.


  • The Royal Armouries, Leeds

The Royal Armouries in Leeds has galleries accessible via lifts fitted with handrails. They have four manual wheelchairs available first come first served.

Website: The Royal Armouries
Accessibility Information: Accessibility at The Royal Armouries

  • Falmouth Art Gallery, Cornwall

Falmouth Art Gallery in Cornwall has full wheelchair/pushchair access by a lift at their side entrance.

Website: Falmouth Art Gallery
Accessibility Information: Accessibility at Falmouth Art Gallery

Be sure to check ahead about booking mobility aids and other accessibility offerings to plan your visit.

Into the Wild: Accessible National Parks

Trade historic stone walls for awe-inspiring natural vistas by heading into the UK's national parks, home to scenic trails designed for easy mobility access. Drink in the refreshing air as you independently explore breathtaking lakesides, verdant forests and windswept peaks.

The Blue Badge Company recommends these top accessible parks for making scenic splendour inclusive:
  • The New Forest beckons with its scenic coastline, dramatic heathland, and mystical forests—a captivating experience accessible to all.
  • In the Yorkshire Dales, diverse accessible trails offer expansive vistas, ensuring an inclusive adventure for everyone, whether on foot or with a folding mobility scooter.
  • Exmoor stands out, providing all-terrain Trampers and wheelchair-friendly routes, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity amid its stunning landscapes.
  • The Lake District boasts 48 thoughtfully designed routes catering to limited mobility, with an interactive map for easy navigation and enjoyment for all.

A scenic accessible walk in the Lake District, showcasing the natural beauty of the region.

From scenic coastlines and mystical forests to wheelchair-friendly routes and interactive maps, enjoy revitalizing adventures tailored for accessibility across Britain’s majestic national parks.

Local Gems: Uncover Hidden Treasures

For simpler days out closer to home, look into your local parks, community centres and libraries. Many hold free or low-cost events and classes throughout the year. Go for a relaxed stroll through a beautiful park with your folding mobility scooter, join a virtual museum tour at the library, or try a gentle exercise class at a community centre.

In the spirit of January Journeys, Betty&Bertie encourages you to embrace the thrill of adventure without worrying about your wallet. Whether you're delving into history, absorbing culture in museums, or immersing yourself in the natural wonders of accessible national parks, there's an abundance of affordable activities waiting for you. So, gear up, hop on your folding mobility scooter, and let the adventures begin! After all, the best experiences are the ones that don't cost a fortune but enrich your life in priceless ways. Happy exploring!

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