Cheap Mobility Scooters At Discounted Prices

Cheap Mobility Scooters At Discounted Prices


Don’t compromise on quality, ensure you are picking the best mobility scooter for you! 

Folding mobility scooters are generally more expensive than standard travel scooters due to the more advanced engineering required, however, we still have a few great options…

Rule 1: Always look for a discount code, these can be hidden in FAQ pages, on social media posts or by signing up to a companies email marketing. Look out for key events in the year when companies may be lowering their prices to stay competitive with the trends

Rule 2: If you’re not too worried about how a scooter looks then contact the company for second-hand or Grade B mobility scooters that they may offer lower prices for.

At Betty and Bertie, we offer 3 types of folding travel mobility scooters:


Manual Folding 

Manual folding mobility scooters are better for those who do not have as limited mobility issues as others and still maintain control of their arms and back as it’s design is required to be folded down manually by the user.

This is our best option for those who want a more modern look for their mobility scooter as this model has 3 wheeled and a sleek design. It’s our best selling product on the market too!

Lupin - Easy Folding Mobility Scooter


Automatic Folding

Automatic folding mobility scooters are perfect for those who have limited use of the arms and back as there is no manual effort required. All you need to do is press a button and watch the scooter fold on it’s own! These products contain clever technology and our scooter is a one of a kind due to it’s tilted handlebar meaning you can leave your arms rested whilst driving.

Zinnia - Auto Folding Mobility Scooter


Grade B Folding

We all know how hard it can be to pick the best fish out of an ocean of options, well this is the same with mobility scooters. We often receive mobility scooters in slightly damaged from transit or knocked in trial by customers who cannot use them. Instead of throwing them away, we have a dedicated reduced section online for our models which have a few scratches of paintwork that we do not want to sell at full price.

B - Stock Mobility Scooters


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