A Beginners Guide to VAT Relief on Mobility Scooters

A Beginners Guide to VAT Relief on Mobility Scooters

When it comes to maintaining our independence and enjoying an active lifestyle, mobility scooters are important and play a crucial role for individuals facing day to day mobility needs and challenges. If you are to consider investing in a folding mobility scooter then you will be pleased to know that there's a way we can help make your purchase more cost effective.

In this guide we will walk you through the process of obtaining VAT relief on mobility scooters with a special focus on folding, travel and lightweight mobility scooters. At Betty And Bertie we understand the importance of accessible solutions therefore we are here to make the process of getting the right mobility scooter as easy as possible for you. 

Understanding VAT Relief :

The specially designed system of VAT relief was introduced to reduce the financial burden on anyone with chronic illness or disabilities. It allows eligible individuals to purchase essential mobility aids such as travel mobility scooters or folding mobility scooters without paying the standard VAT rate. To benefit from this criteria set out by the UK Government you will need to have a disability or medical condition that affects your daily mobility.

Do I Qualify For VAT Relief?

Qualifying for your VAT relief on your new folding mobility scooter is straightforward. When you are shopping for a folding mobility scooter online, a competent UK-based mobility store will ask you for your qualifying criteria as part of the checkout process. In reality it is extremely unlikely that any person looking to purchase a folding mobility scooter would not be eligible as usually the very reason for the purchase is that they have long-term restricted mobility for some reason. 

The UK Government’s requirements for the VAT exemption are:

  • Declare that you are “chronically sick or disabled” and that the goods you are purchasing are for your own personal use or domestic use. 
  • With UK Government guidelines person who is considered “chronically sick or disabled” if they : 
    • Are physically impaired or have a mental impairment with a long-term or substantial adverse effect on their ability to carry out everyday activities.
    • A condition that the medical professional treats as a chronic sickness (that’s a long term health condition).

Kindly note that eligibility does not include elderly individuals who do not have this type of long term health condition, but the range of conditions is very broad and includes issues such as arthritis and COPD. It does not include temporarily disabled or incapacitated people such as those with broken limbs.

VAT Relief on Mobility Scooters

How can I apply for VAT relief ?

Applying for your VAT relief is very simple and usually you will be able to select your reason from a drop down box either on the product page or at the checkout. If not then there will be a comment section for you to type it in. If you are making a purchase in store or online then you will be asked for this verbally. 

Please be aware that this is a self-certification system, and you are not required to provide proof of any impairments. The reason why you need to select this is only for the retailer to obtain clarification of your reasoning for the VAT relief on your purchase for their own VAT records. See the government's guide on how to get VAT relief if you’re buying goods because of your disability here.

What Products Can I Claim VAT Relief On ?

It's important to note that not it’s not just folding mobility scooters that you can claim VAT relief on too! You can claim VAT relief on any mobility aid such as: accessories like walking sticks, walking frames, even mobility scooter accessories such as batteries, covers too. You can claim VAT relief on certain products designed to help anyone with disabilities or chronic illnesses. These products are designed to improve your quality of life and assist you in your daily activities and therefore make them eligible for VAT relief. See the government's guide on what products are eligible here.

At Betty and Bertie we cater to a wide range of mobility needs, with our range of folding mobility scooters we have made sure they are designed to provide a convenience and ease of use while maintaining a top-notch performance for all. If you are eligible for our VAT relief system you can apply it to any travel mobility scooter or accessory and allow your purchase to be more cost-effective.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of VAT relief on mobility aids, whether you're in need of a folding mobility scooter, travel friendly mobility scooter or a lightweight mobility scooter we have got you covered! Remember applying for VAT relief is a simple declaration process and our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Experience the freedom and independence a mobility scooter can provide and let Betty and Bertie be your trusted partner in your mobility journey.  

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