3 Wheels v 4 Wheels Mobility Scooter

3 Wheels v 4 Wheels Mobility Scooter


3 wheels and 4 wheels, which ones are better? The answer is there isn’t a better one as they’re completely different. However there are some key differences between them which we have laid out for you.

3 Wheeled Scooters have a smaller turning circle due to the one wheel at the front meaning they are better for tight spaces and narrow buildings. Due to the one wheel at the front it means there is more leg room on the footrest as there is not as much mechanics in the way, however typically these scooters will be smaller in comparison to a 4 wheel and so taking your height and weight into consideration is important here. 

4 Wheeled Scooters are great as they can go faster and are typically more stable with 4 touchpoints on the ground, they’re often bigger meaning they can be more suited for those who require a scooter for a long time in the day. If your 4 wheeled scooter is automatic folding like ours then they fold away to a small compact style which can easily be transported in or out of the house. 4 wheels can offer more storage solutions as they will come with a bigger frame that can take the extra weight too. 

There are a lot of similarities between them and it is important to not discourage them against each other. You may think that the 3 wheeled scooter would be lighter but sometimes this isn’t true as they might have bigger tyres which can be the same weight as 4 smaller tyres. They both may be able to offer the same features but through a different design and functionality.

Much like Lupin, our 3 wheeled scooter is very popular for its slim design, it folds down and offers extra leg room too, in comparison to Zinnia, our 4 wheeled scooter which can be folded away with a button, making it perfect for travelling with as it’s airline friendly.

To summarize, there are many differences and similarities between them but there is not one that is better, it’s just a case of which one is better for you!

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