Ren- The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter

Ren is one of the UK’s most convenient and lightweight folding mobility scooters – simply pull the handle and lift the seat to watch it unfold to a comfortable and simple-to-use solution to all your mobility scooter needs!

Easy Folding Mobility Scooter Features
Features of Easy Folding Mobility Scooter

UK’s most convenient lightweight folding mobility scooter

UK’s Most Convenient Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter
UK’s Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter
Lightweight Mobility Scooter Comfort
High Quality Convenient Mobility Scooter
Travel Abroad Mobility Scooter
Mobility Scooter Safety Features

REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter

Ren - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter
Powerful Ren Easy Folding Mobility Scooter
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter Black
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter Red
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter Front View
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter Price
REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter

REN - The Easy Folding Mobility Scooter

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The new & improved version of our most popular Lupin... We have made this model stronger as it has a higher load capacity of 165kg (25st) AND this one has dual motors making it so much better on hills and tougher terrain!

Key Features:

  • Lightweight - weighs 28kg. 
  • Folds small enough to fit into the boot of a car. 
  • Double motor (48V 250W x 2)
  • LCD screen that displays the mode, speed, battery level and mileage. 
  • Easy speed control (for acceleration or reverse!) 
  • Speed 0 - 8 mph! 
  • Anti-tip wheels.
  • Comfortable padded seat with an adjustable backrest.
  • Front light and horn. 
  • Intelligent braking system with a front drum brake and rear disk brakes.
  • Height adjustable handlebar.
  • Travel friendly.

Comes with 12 months warranty and insurance. 


  • Carrying weight of up to 165kg / 25 stone.
  • Wheel size Diameter: F:25 cm :  R:25 cm or F: 9.8in / R: 9.8in
  • Wheel type: Pneumatic (air filled). 
  • Maximum incline: 15 degrees / 1:3 / 26.8%
  • Ground clearance: 12 cm / 4.7in. 
  • Dimensions (Unfolded): H: 87cm W: 56cm L: 98cm
  • Dimensions (Folded): H: 54cm W: 56cm L: 98cm
  • Length: 98cm
  • Length (Front Draw Bar Extended): 101cm
  • Weight: 26kg (28kg with battery).
  • Turning circle: 1200mm / 120cm / 47 inches.
  • Aluminium alloy frame. 


  • Comes with one removable lithium-ion battery that goes for up to 35km / 21 miles on a single charge.
  • Charging time: 10 - 12 hours. 
  • 48V 7.8AH 374Wh

Ren is one of the UK’s most convenient lightweight folding mobility scooters – simply pull a handle and lift the seat, and watch it unfold from being compact and transportable, to a comfortable and simple-to-use solution to all your portable mobility scooter needs! With all our scooters, we prioritise 3 things:


When you apply our handlebar handbrake system, power to the accelerator is cut, meaning that your portable folding mobility scooter isn’t going anywhere that you don’t want it to. And with Ren’s disk and drum brakes, you have full control wherever you decide to stop.


Ren boasts a comfortable folding seat and a height adjustable steering column too, so you can get around in comfort and style!


Ren, the folding mobility scooter's handlebar set contains an LCD screen that tells you the battery level, mode, speed and mileage, so you can monitor your Ren with ease. The lithium-ion battery can be removed and connected to a power outlet for hassle-free charging, and offers a huge travel range of up to 35km / 21 miles from a single charge.

Ren is incredibly travel-friendly; folding compactly for ease of transport, it weighs only 28kgs and can fit snugly in the boot of a car, so you can take it anywhere! Ren has a double motor, 250W each, and has three different speed settings, meaning you can set the speed that’s right for you. 

And once you’re done, simply collapse the seat, fold your portable mobility scooter, and free-wheel it wherever you want. No complicated folding process, no exertion, and no assembly required; just safety, comfort and convenience all at your fingertips.

What makes Ren different?

Air-filled Tyres

Ren comes with air-filled pneumatic tyres, providing a smooth ride with extra suspension for any terrain.


Ren’s rear disk brakes and front drum brake mean you have extra control on hand whenever you need it. 

Luggage carrier / footrest

Ren, the folding mobility scooter comes with a rear draw-bar with anti-tip wheels, allowing you to store bags or luggage safely behind your seat, without compromising on balance or stability. It also comes with a foldable footrest, allowing you to stretch your legs out for extra comfort, whilst also serving as a handle when freewheeling your folded scooter.

Want to take your Ren abroad? 

Ren's battery exceeds the 300Wh limit that most airlines allow, but we sell an airline friendly model called Lupin. To find out more, click here.

Useful Information

  • All of our scooters come with 12 months insurance and warranty. Follow the links for more information.
  • To find out more about whether you could be eligible for VAT relief, click here.
  • To find out more about our 'try at home' scheme, click here.
To find our more about airlines rules and travel mobility scooters, see our Airline Blog.
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To purchase a mobility scooter free of VAT you need to declare that you are 'chronically sick or disabled' and that the goods or services are for your own personal or domestic use. This is a self-certification system – we do not require proof of your impairment.

A person is 'chronically sick or disabled' if he or she is a person with either:

  • a physical or mental impairment which has a long term and substantial adverse effect upon his or her ability to carry out everyday activities or
  • a condition which the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness.

It does not include an elderly person who is not disabled or chronically sick or any person who is only temporarily disabled or incapacitated, such as with a broken limb.

If you are unsure, you should seek guidance from your GP or other medical professional

You can find out more from the Helpsheets on the GOV.UK website, by telephoning the VAT Disabled Reliefs Helpline on Telephone: 0300 123 1073 or by calling our advice line on 0800 999 6606

Call our Customer Advisor team on 0800 999 6606 if you have any other questions about VAT Exemption


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I love my Ren so much ❤️

So, the positives. It is so light I can now go out on my own, lifting it in and out of the car with ease. I have steps outside my house and I can, with a bit of thinking at the moment, get it out myself, meaning complete independence... Something I haven't had for over 10 years!

It's very simple to put up and down once you get the hang of it. I love to fact I can pull it up the stairs by its handle like a shopping trolley.

It's nippy and easy to turn too. So, I'm very adept on scooters, but this took me a bit to get used to since it has biker handles and breaks unlike anything I've used before, but a week or two later and I am so used to it now. I get looks and comments all the time about how fun it looks and where I got it from. I don't feel old and frumpy in it. Kids love the look of it and always want a go thinking it's a toy lol.

The turning circle is amazing. There's a ramp by me with an extremely tight turn onto the path that I can never make. But I can in this scooter. It's perfect for getting around tight shops like The Works which is notoriously difficult to navigate.

I used this at a festival in my first week and it's amazing on bumpy Fields and coped extremely well with tough ramps and going around fields.

The battery has a clever button to see how much charge is left on it and it charges really quickly and easily, it's so light. It's a little tricky for me to get out and you must lock it back in place so it doesn't fall out. Remember to take it out before shrinking the scooter for transport.

Few negative ish comments. The first is the seat width. I'm a large person, and this is built to take my weight, however, the seat is narrower than most kids wheelchairs at 30 cm wide. It's great for short rides around town and the shops but too firm for me to spend all day in. Even average mobility cushions are too wide at about 45cm to safely use or affix.

The height. It's very low to the ground. If you struggle with sitting on a dining chair you may struggle with Ren and Lupin. I feel low down when in a group of people on the high street. My knees also struggle to bend when seated on the Ren.

The brakes are good but not brilliant on a hill, even when locked on it can roll. I now use my feet on the ground when I stop on a hill.

Would I buy it again. Yes. Absolutely. All mobility aids have their adjustments to make. I think this company has excellent customer service. There was a dink in my brake handle on arrival and they sorted it out with no problem. Very quick very kind and polite.

Overall, I give my Ren 8 out of 10.

My previous scooter is a Rascal Liteway 3 and 8 for comparison.

Wow! Your 5-star review made our day! We're overjoyed to hear that you had such a wonderful experience with us. Our team works tirelessly to ensure every customer leaves with a smile, and your feedback reinforces their hard work and dedication. Thank you for your kind words and for choosing us. We can't wait to have the opportunity to serve you again in the future!

I Can get to places...!

I bought the Ren scooter as I have MS and can't walk far. My first real test was our weekend at Centre Parcs and it was just fantastic. It fitted in my car boot perfectly. I whizzed round the park without holding people back to wait for me. My grandkids loved it. It was quick and comfortable to ride on plus it seemed to cope well with hills. Brilliant product and great delivery and customer service. THANKS

Thank you for your feedback! This was so lovely to hear as its what we built our brand for. Do stay in touch with us!

simple instructions with pleasant and…

simple instructions with pleasant and knowledgeable staff - the ren was a great price as well

Great friendly company to deal with

Great friendly company to deal with. I have now used my Ren and it suits my needs well. One of the main things is that it fits into the boot (I don't have a big car).

The new Ren

I have only just received the Ren today but took her straight out (she’s now called Daisy). I have fought against a mobility scooter for a long time as I’m only 50 but have had to admit I have lost my freedom due to my disability. But literally straight out of the box and she was ready to go and I have fallen in love. Shes very easy to unfold and fold and such a huge pleasure to ride. I have my freedom back and my sense of adventure. She folds up small and now lives happily in my small hallway and fits easily into my car and I’m able to lift her in myself, I will say she is heavy but still manageable if you have good upper body strength. I’m looking forward to taking her to London on the train to visit my daughter and go Christmas shopping with her. Betty & Bertie answered my questions and gave excellent customer service. I foresee Daisy and I having many adventures together. And as you will see from my pictures that will a little imagination you can make the Ren fit you and your life. For the first time in a very long time I’m planning tomorrow not what I will fill my hours with at home but where can I go tomorrow and what can I get up to.