Monarch Air and Genie Mobility Scooters

Lightweight Design

Renowned for their exceptionally lightweight designs, making them highly convenient for users. Both models feature a foldable frame, enabling the scooters to be compacted into a small, manageable size for effortless storage and transportation.

This lightweight and foldable design is particularly advantageous for users who frequently need to lift the scooter into a car boot or carry it through various environments.

The reduced weight not only enhances portability but also enhances usability for individuals with limited strength or dexterity, ensuring greater independence and ease of movement in daily activities.

Monarch Air

Simple to fold & lift, incredibly lightweight at 15 kg (2.3 st). Crafted with precision and innovation for freedom and independence on the go.

Maximum Speed: 4 mph 

Maximum Range: Up to 6 miles (10 km)

Weight Capacity: 19.6 stone (125 kg)

Total Weight (without battery + seat cushion): 15 kg / 2.3 stone

£1,895 with VAT Relief

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Monarch Genie

Full rear suspension, top quality brand. Designed with convenience, featuring padded comfort, and adjustable components.

Maximum Speed: 4 mph 

Maximum Range: Up to 9 miles (14.5 km)

Weight Capacity: 18 stone (115 kg)

Total Weight (without battery): 16.85 kg (2.65 stone)

£1,995 with VAT Relief

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